Petar Dundov – Cosmic Theatre

When thinking about space I always admired its mystery, beauty of motion and vastness of complex structures stretching from smallest to largest scales. Wherever you look at any scale you can observe magnificent interaction of objects, planets, stars, galaxies, moving, dancing like characters in a cosmic theatre. In this short musical piece I tried to describe in language of music, four imaginary scenes involving stellar objects, physical phenomena and us in the everlasting search for new discoveries.


  1. Binary Equivalence
  2. Charon´s Arc
  3. Magnetar
  4. Beyond Planck

Label: AXIS- The Escape Velocity
Artist: Petar Dundov
Title: Cosmic Theatre
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: December 27th, 2021
Cat. No. ASD054
Distribution: AXIS Shop

Order: Axis Shop

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