Minimal Violence – Phase Three

Minimal Violence announced the release of the third EP ‘Phase Three‘ of the DESTROY —> [physical] REALITY [psychic] <— TRUST series due out March 4, 2022 in Vinyl and Digital formats via Tresor Records.

As the z-axis of our planet tilts away, and a gulf of dusty earth, air and searing fire is revealed before us, Minimal Violence holds an unflinching stare, unveiling upon us Phase Three in an act of pure psychic release. This third EP of the DESTROY —> [physical] REALITY [psychic] <— TRUST series launches straight into the 145 bpm stomper Flatline.

As ever, the transformative sound of Minimal Violence emerges deep from fire. Denying any uncertain embers an escape route, Luk casts anew from a seemingly unending source of unique energy.


1. Flatline (ft. Mad Johnny)
2. Cold (sex)
3. We Suffocate on the Violence of Light
4. Focus on that Form

Artist. Minimal Violence
Title. Phase Three
Release date. March 4, 2022
Label. Tresor Records
Format. Vinyl / Digital

Pre order vinyl: Bandcamp

Written and Produced by Peter Munnik
Mastered by Spacestation Zero, UK
Bandcamp masters – Spacestation Zero, UK – Analogue Versions
All rights reserved SK_eleven 2022

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