Unique and very outstanding pure techno music in forthcoming Moving Thoughts ´Diverse Patterns EP´.

We got a really good one for this article, of course if you are into techno, no special descriptions, just techno. In this post we are going to talk about the djs and producers from Utrecht, Netherlands, Moving Thoughts, which is a musical cooperation between Kaj Tyszka & Michiel Steennis.

This duo has been making music together since early 2012, and they give some really interesting words to define themselves; \”Moving Thoughts is and will remain to be about music as a means of transmitting feelings and moving people primarily. They also both mention the sheer importance of the ‘fun-factor’ of music production and friendship, which shapes the solid base their project is built upon.\” 

As you can see,  Moving Thoughts are really into the music production business, doing it for pure love to the music and music lovers as well, you can confirm it, when you listen to their sounds and the music they make and spread. 

If you are interested, the duo has made the announcement of their upcoming release on SYSTEM records. Returning after a nearly two year hibernation period to establish a foothold in the underground world with a high quality forward thinking venue. 

The forthcoming EP has been entitled \”Diverse Patterns EP\” and will come out in Digital and Vinyl in this dates: Feb 3rd (Vinyl), Feb 17th (Digital) 2020. It contains four tracks that really are outstanding. 

This is pure techno, don\’t need any description, but if  you give us the chance to describe this outstanding \”Diverse Patterns EP\” in a just a few words, i would tell this tremendous release drop out a mixture of true dramatic sounds, dark and suspenseful beats, very strong repetitive blows at a moderate speed and many hypnotic rhythms, in our personal opinion, this is the kind of techno we love and spread. Moving Thoughts really did a nice work on this upcoming EP, please follow their work since now, and be tuned for more. 

Look below for full details. 

Previews of the tracks soon!

In case you have doubts, listen to Moving Thoughts in Soundcloud to fall in love with the amazing techno sound this duo have.

Overview. Returning after a nearly two year hibernation period to establish a foothold in the underground world with a high quality forward thinking venue, SYSTEM comes back in a very special way with the first release not from label head Mike Gervais.
Moving Thoughts is a duo from the Netherlands who are no strangers to the futuristic style SYSTEM is known for, with releases across a gamut of labels such as Dynamic Reflections, Self Reflektion, and Konstruktiv, Kaj & Michiel showcase their versatility as well as production prowess on this four track buffet of beats.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Moving Thoughts
Title: Diverse Patterns EP
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: Feb 3rd (Vinyl), Feb 17th (Digital) 2020
Cat. No. SYSTEM07
Distribution: Matter Of Fact


01. Straight Jacket
02. Atol
03. Tronic
04. Hydrogen


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