Toni Dextor – The Focus (Incl. Jelena Remix)

Next up on Made Of Concrete is an EP from a true label mainstay – part of the lifeblood of the label; Toni Dextor. Also included in the package is a remix from Zürich based Jelena – the branch between the two being her involvement with Adroit.


  1. Toni Dextor – The Focus
  2. Toni Dextor – R14
  3. Toni Dextor – The Focus (Jelena Remix)

Artist. Toni Dextor
Title: The Focus EP (Incl. Jelena Remix)
Label: made of CONCRETE
Cat#. MOC031
Release date. 25th of February 2022
Worldwide distribution: KOMPAKT DISTRIBUTION

Pre order: Beatport

‘The Focus’ kicks things off with an urgent, wrought iron loop that hacks it’s way through intensifying drums which build towards a mangled and mind-bending breakdown. The pressure doesn’t let up as the tracks charges to it’s conclusion, propelled by a kick as hefty as a mallet that keeps you trapped in a bit-crushed cage.

‘R14’ then follows up with a highly effective, capacious Techno track. With drums as thick as they come – panned, reverberated textures and a consistent stab are suffused with a metallic texture that provides a chilly but highly kinetic energy before Jelena’s remix brings the record to a close.

Her interpretation sets shimmering subs create a buoyant bed for the track – the kick bounces off from it as another pupil-widening sequence wades in. An elongated breakdown reaches it’s zenith before letting go in a manner guaranteed to send the floor into rapture.

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