Gabriella Vergilov arrives on Symbolism with her new EP, ‘I Am Here Now’.

The Bulgarian-born Copenhagen-based artist Gabriella Vergilov returns to Symbolism with her ‘I Am Here Now’ EP. The release brings out 4 very original tracks showcasing unique sounds, late-night funky grooves, maniac synth hits, and some smooth techno rhythms.

I Am Here Now’ drops via Ben Sims‘ imprint on 22nd April 2022. The four-track EP pays tribute to the artist’s Bulgarian background. Very recommendable! Stay tuned, full details below.

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Throughout ‘I Am Here Now’, her first full EP for Symbolism since dropping a track for the Synchronicity compilation in 2021, Vergilov uses her Bulgarian mother tongue and references Bulgarian poetry and cinema in a love letter to her homeland and rumination on the significance of roots.

The pristine mechanical funk of ‘Kristalen’ features ‘For The Flying People’ by Bulgarian poet Valeri Petrov while the sample and title of ‘Strashni Ochi’ (dangerous eyes), a tunnelling late-night groove, tips a nod to one of the country’s iconic films (‘Ladies Choice’, 1980) and its star, the late Stefan Danailov.

‘Round And Round’ kicks off the second half of the EP with a skeletal rhythm track punctuated with manic synth hits and primal vocals, and according to the Copenhagen-based DJ/producer, the track is a bridge between her beginnings and where she is as an artist now. ‘I Am Here Now’, an ‘abstract of inner-city certainty of the self, closes with a fittingly confident slice of sparse, spaced-out techno.

Gabriella Vergilov ‘I Am Here Now’ drops via Symbolism on 22nd April 2022.

Artist. Gabriella Vergilov
Title. I Am Here Now
Label. Symbolism
Release date. 22nd April 2022
Format. Digital


1. Kristalen
2. Strashni Ochi
3. Round & Round
4. I Am Here Now

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