Carl Cox;s Intec Digital welcomes Roel Salemink upcoming 10-track techno album, ‘X818’.

There is a sort of artists that their talent and consistency brings them into the good labels. Now is the time to talk about Roel Salemink, a Dutch artist that has already featured six previous EP’s on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital, all been made in collaboration with his regular production partner Drumcomplex. Now on, Roel Salemink is set up and ready to present his debut solo album.

Entitled \”X818\”, featuring ten very energetic tracks, this album is his first solo contribution to the label, and after listen to it, you can realize Roel Salemink style on techno. With darker sounds, sometimes acid, a little bit grooving, but definitely heavy and mental music, this upcoming album is quality stuff. Stay tuned because the release date is due to September 27… Read below for more details.
Courtesy of Intec Digital, listen to Roel Salemink – X818 Album previews.

Overview. Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s label Intec presents a very special album release from Roel Salemink who is one of the imprints favourite artists.
Dutch artist Roel Salemink has featured six previous EP’s on Intec that have all been made in collaboration with his regular production partner Drumcomplex. This ten track album is his first solo contribution to the label, and it’s a high energy masterpiece that gives testament to his exceptional talent for making techno.Roel Salemink has previously showcased his solo skills on Filth on Acid, Gynoid Audio and Bush Records. Bush Records also put out his debut release featuring a track he made with Devilfish called “Manalive” that spent eight weeks at the highly coveted #1 sales spot on Beatport.
Following the success of his many high-profile releases, Roel Salemink is also a regular DJ and live set performer at festivals and events all over the world including the likes of Awakenings and Nature One, playing everywhere from Australia to Dubai.The opening track “Free” featuring Sandra Vriese is an uplifting moodsetter that’s soothing vocal welcomes in the listener whilst slowly ramping up the tension ready for the euphoria of “My Little Pocketknife”.
Getting darker “Analog Siren” continues the LP’s journey towards shadowy realms of techno, before the mechanical percussion and dramatic bass stabs of “Transforming” mark its official arrival.
Having arrived at its techno destination, the album twists and turns with the title cut “X818” getting deeper only for the likes of “Item Zero” to lift it back up a gear until terminal velocity is achieved and “Eskes” closes the release with emotive pads playing poignant melodies.
Perfect for listening to at home or further afield this master crafted album works well in headphones or on the dance floor.

Cover Artwork.


Label: Intec Digital
Artist: Roel Salemink
Title: X818
Release Date: Friday 27 September 2019
Format: Digital CAT#: IDRSLP1


01. Free
02. My Little Pocketknife
03. Analog Siren
04. Transforming
05. X818
06. Machine Attendance
07. My Body Is My Temple
08. Evolver
09. Item Zero
10. Eskes



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