Cocoon signs new material from Techno wizard Michael Klein: Yuzu EP out September 20th.

Something is clear, we are here to talk techno. So don\’t hesitate to understood in this case, this brilliant acid techno release, two tracks full of breakdowns and whip-crack percussion, hypnotic rhythms and a good dose of slamming techno with luxury cuts in a good bouncing atmosphere. 

But who are we talking about? Its Michael Klein, a Frankfurter native that has formed part of the European techno scene for many years. Now, Cocoon Recordings signs his new material, the \”Yuzu EP\” that will be Out on September 20th on Cocoon in Vinyl & Digital formats. (Klein released his stunning debut album Snapshot last year). Pre-Order:

This two-track EP begins with the eponymous cut \’Yuzu\’. It enters with a vocal that seems to be chanting \”Yuzu\” repetitively, which is omnipresent throughout. Things really kick-off when the unbridled kick drum slams in. Punchy and bouncy, it bangs bodies into boogie. The modulated beats storming around an acid-tinged bassline, with frenzied hi-hats turn this into a fast-paced stampede. Get the foot bath ready this one will add miles to your pedometer.

It is followed by \’Eureka\’, more than likely what he said when he finished this one. A techno banger with a European flair. It bursts right in with a ricocheting dynamic percussion that is battering and deep. It\’s rhythmic though and has a hop to it. It has a euro-dance synth that adds velocity to the vessel we are boarding. It\’s an overactive core, volatile and emitting all sorts of destructive mechanical sounds while hissing violently. Riding along with power and carnage, good luck to any dance floor that survives. 

Listen to MICHAEL KLEIN – YUZU EP – COR12166 on Soundcloud:

Overview. A home grown product of the Frankfurt electronic scene, it’s only right that Michael Klein should find his way to Cocoon Recordings. After a string of releases on BLK DRP, Second State and Micro.fon, together with a DJ schedule that’s established him as a well known face on the European techno circuit, destiny has come knocking and the result is a two track EP that will blow the roof off even the most sturdy of clubs.
Thunder clouds gather on “Yuzu“ – a full-on dose of headstrong, slamming techno. Rampant hi hats, a rasping bass and a frenzied acid riff conjure up a deliberately disorientating electric storm that takes a certain amount of pleasure in battering the dance floor like a force ten gale. Plastik snare rolls dominate the breakdowns and whip-crack percussion prolong the audio beatings being dished out on this ‘next generation’ acid-techno.
Klein adds some extra bounce to the raw, pounding beats on “Eureka“, creating a cavernous backdrop that transports you back to the heyday of E-Werk. Then, it’s all aboard the night train as the sounds gradually morph into some kind of demonic locomotive, hissing and spitting out fire and smoke as it cuts a path through the darkness, hurtling full throttle into the abyss where atmospheric tempo changes to the main motif add an extra dimension of mayhem to proceedings.Warning! Like a surfer waiting for the seventh wave you either rise to the occasion, get on top of these tracks and ride them ecstatically to the shore or you’re gonna find yourself crushed by the relentless power and energy of Michael Klein’s music… and that’s just the way we like it.

Cover Artwork.

Label: Cocoon Recordings 
Artist: Michael Klein 
Title: Yuzu EP 
Format: Vinyl & Digital 
Release Date: September 20th 2019 
Cat. No. COR12166 
Distribution: Word And Sound 


01. Yuzu 
02. Eureka


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