New release: Various Artists – None the Wiser KA178 – 27th September 2019

Overview. Behold, we’ve got a new modular freak on board: DHYAN MØLLER. The Californian original of “Megadon” is here remixed by HEIKO LAUX for our 25th Anniversary. Followed by the massive production of “French Quiz” of JOEL MULL & HEIKO LAUX. And to conclude our pack of productions wich otherwise would have fallen into the cracks: RAY KAJIOKA & HEIKO LAUX show how happy mild cases of autism can turn out.

Cover Artwork.

Title: None the Wiser 
Label: Kanzleramt 
Catalogue No: ka178 
Labelcode: 03750 
Format: 12” | digital 
Distribution: Triple Vision | The Orchard 
Release: September 27th 2019 
Genre: Techno 


1. Dhyan Møller – Megadon (Heiko Laux Remix)
2. Joel Mull & Heiko Laux – French Quiz
3. Ray Kajioka & Heiko Laux – Chuck a Sickie


Other Credits.

Credits: Megadon written by Dhyan Møller, remix and additional production Heiko Laux, copyright control, French Quiz written and produced by Joel Mull & Heiko Laux, copyright control/Moonside Playground, Chuck a Sickie written and produced by Ray Kajioka & Heiko Laux, published by Moonside Playground. All for Kanzleramt Music c&p 2019. 

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