Forward-looking industrial techno music on Rhys Fulber upcoming album on Sonic Groove.

It\’s time to review some music, of course, our favorite music get reviewed. Going in a mental trip, getting industrial but deeper, this upcoming release is from another world, maybe from a world where techno music was created. Been entitled , Rhys Fulber’s second album for Sonic Groove is a mind blowing spectacular highlight, this only could come following the success of last year’s \”Your Dystopia, My Utopia\”.

\”Ostalgia\” basically is described as \”forward-looking music, not content with resting on any past ideologies\”, so if you understand this phrase , you got it all, you understand why after listening to a sneak peak of this upcoming album, you need to get it. This musically gem is getting out on September 9th, 2019  in Digital and Vinyl formats. 

Listen up to Rhys Fulber new track \”Misery Whip\” that features in this upcoming release:

Review. With 8 outstanding tracks, this upcoming album gets your where you want to be. The first track \”Fountain of National Radio\” a really nice introduction to what you can expect from \”Ostalgia\”, slow beats, delirium, and dramatic melodies, followed up by industrial techno kick ups.  The second track \”12 Steppes\” get more into a raw version of techno, very industrial, very mental, very energetic, very hard bass, noisy backgrounds sounds. Then it comes \”Konsum\”, \”Neolithic Chasm\” and \”Right Hand of the Free World\”… following the progression and eclectic phase of the album, very spatial, and very expectative music, we really love the sounds, minimal voices, and the structure of the tracks. To come in an very industrial, slowly and strong bass chaos, are the last tracks \”Misery Whip\”, \”Apostel\” and \”Fission\”. Excellent album in our opinion. The Album artwork also got our attention, amazing work by Janina Schütz.

Overview. Ostalgia is Rhys Fulber’s second album for Sonic Groove following the success of last year’s Your Dystopia, My Utopia. Like its predecessor, it continues his interest in pushing new boundaries in industrial techno, with kicks and bass lines woven together with clinical precision to cause intense speaker pressure, and atmospheric synth lines that will dig deep inside your mind. The title and the original socialist realism mural on the cover refer to Ostalgie – a romantic nostalgia for the old but comforting ways of Communist East Germany – and a yearning for rigid systems after progression into the future has led to chaos and uncertainty. While the music on Ostalgia is at times a reflection of that chaos and uncertainty, it also refers to Rhys further exploring his Germanic ancestry. And although the sledgehammer beats of 12 Steppes and Fission evoke Rhys’ previous work with industrial pioneers Front Line Assembly, he is not simply paying homage to his past musical escapades here. This is forward-looking music, not content with resting on any past ideologies.

Cover Artwork.

Label: Sonic Groove 
Artist: Rhys Fulber 
Title: Ostalgia 
Format: Digital, CD, 2×12“ Vinyl 
Cat.Number: SGLP06, SGCD06 
Release Date: September 9th, 2019 
Distribution: Readymade, EPM 


01. Fountain of National Radio 
02. 12 Steppes 
03. Konsum 
04. Neolithic Chasm
05. Right Hand of the Free World 
06. Misery Whip 
07. Apostel 
08. Fission


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