Robert Hood to put out a remastered version of his ‘Technatural EP’ originally released in 2000.

Next up on M-Plant‘s Perpetual Masters series of remastered classics from the label’s vaults is Robert Hood‘s ‘Technatural EP‘. As here we particularly say, it is always a pleasure to listen to Robert Hood’s productions.

The remastered version of ‘Technatural‘ is going to be released in Vinyl & All digital formats on July 22th via M-Plant.

Originally released in 2000, showcasing the unique sound that is synonymous with Robert Hood: simple but effective minimalism for the dancefloor.

From the haunting melodies of ‘Outlast’, or hypnotic sounds of ‘Pattern St.’ to the pace and energy of ‘Teflon’ (which was included on Nighttime World Vol 2), this four-tracker is essential for anyone who considers themselves a Techno fan.

Remastered by the one and only Thomas Heckmann.

Pre order vinyl: Bandcamp

Artist: Robert Hood
Title: Technatural EP
Label: M-Plant
Catalogue No: M.PM43
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release date: 22 July 2022


A1. Outlast
A2. Tactel
A3. Pattern St.
B1. Teflon
B2. Fiber

Let’s go back to the year 2000, when this EP was originally released:  

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