William Arist announce his new album ‘Basquade’ with all proceeds to be donated to ‘Amazon Watch’. 

William Arist presents ‘Basquade‘, his new 17-track album to be released in all digital formats next month (August 18, 2022) via Perseverancia Records.

The album Basquade, thus titled, means “get up” in the extinct Charrúa language, it is a concept album achieved through a single central narrative divided on separated episodes, starting with a cinematic intro track where the listener is fully immersed in a jungle environment giving a preamble to the next near 40 minutes of tribal techno, mysticism and organic atmospheres.

All proceeds will be donated to the Amazon Watch, an organization dedicated to the protection of the Amazon and the indigenous communities linked to it.

Ahead the relese of ‘Basquade‘, Perseverancia Records released the ‘Before Basquede‘ EP, that features five extended versions taken from the album cuts. Listen below.

The story behind ‘Basquade’:

The album tells us a story where the jungle, as a representation of nature, is besieged by progress and have to get rid of the attack by its own, this is how Basquade’s call (get up) makes us all participants and responsible for acting In his defense, this is a fictional analogy to the real fact that we should all be aware of and take action on the destruction we made to it on a daily basis.

Each track has a meaning, for example Vanati Beada-o means children of mother earth in Chaná, Is me da ti geppian means you want to sow and Basquade means get up in Charrúa, the track Integrity contains an interview with a woman who fought during 15 years defending Mapuche lands and Fear In The Jungle is an allusion to the climate of tension in the jungle when it’s being attacked by the hand of man.

The concept behind this album production:

The intention of this release is to bring to the techno scene a thread outside the club environment framed in a more human and spiritual context, making mention of native American languages, indigenous struggles in defense of the land and the pitifully infamous destruction of biodiversity.

Despite its serious subject, Basquade is a very pleasant album to listen to with an inspiring and fresh spirit, with passages that range from emotional and thoughtful tracks to the rhythmic and danceable ones.

In conclusion, Basquade is an album with a cinematic Techno aesthetic that through its narrative concept tries to promote environmental awareness and the participation of the Techno scene in it.

¡Thanks for supporting the cause! Peace & love.


Artist: William Arist
Title. Basquade
Genre: Tribal, Techno, Cinematic, Ambient
Release Date: Aug 18, 2022
Cat N: PERR006
Label. Perseverancia Records | Uruguay, 2022

Written and produced by William Arist
Mixed and mastered by William Arist


01 William Arist_-Episode I (Intro)
02 William Arist-Moral Song (Album Mix)
03 William Arist-_ Interlude I
04 William Arist_-Is me da ti geppian (Album Mix)
05 William Arist-_ Interlude II
06 William Arist_-Episode II
07 William Arist-Vanati Beada-o (Album Mix)
08 William Arist-_ Interlude III
09 William Arist_-Jingo (Dont Worry) (Album Mix)
10 William Arist-Episode III
11 William Arist-Integrity
12 William Arist-Fear In The Jungle (Album Mix)
13 William Arist-Episode IV
14 William Arist-Basquade (Album Mix)
15 William Arist-_ Interlude IV
16 William Arist_-Resurrection (Album Mix)
17 William Arist-_Outro

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