Exclusive interview featuring Lady Tazz.

For the Sixteenth installment of our interview series, we introduce Lady Tazz.

Lady Tazz is a DJ and Producer from Canada and Bangladesh. She’s the founder and curator of Mind Medizin Records.

As she described herself, “both hellfire and holy water“, Lady Tazz is a rebel. She is not one to be caged and is making her own indelible mark on the global underground techno scene. She promotes the kinky side of techno and enjoys giving her listeners dark inviting soundscapes, with mind-melting synths and ethereal vocals with spikes of acid.

Last month (June, 2022), Tazz released her new EP ‘Submit To Me‘ via her own Mind Medizin label. We chatted with her around this release, her label, and a few more aspects of his career. The result was a very interesting interview that expresses free and true words.

Read the full interview below.

Hello Lady Tazz, Luis from Living Techno here, for us it’s a pleasure having you in our interview series, thank you. First, how are you and where in the world are you taking this interview?

Hello Luis,
I’m feeling divine. I was on the beach for the last 3 days in Greece so I’m really giving off that golden glow but now on route to Madrid for Pride week .

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I am both Hellfire and Holy water.

What is music for you? how would you describe it?

Music is everything to me, I love it , it’s the best way I can tell my story. I feel free with music.

What led you to start your career in the electronic music scene, how, when and where did you get involved?

I was a hardcore Raver since I was 13 years old. Was I the life of the Party, YES!

But it was my trip to Berlin that changed my life and I knew I wanted to be a producer.

Do you remember what was your first release ever, in what label, and how do you achieve it?

Yes, it was Called Dragon Lady featuring Ursula Rucker and it was released on Codex. It was a powerful track with a very strong message behind it. Even though that release was so different from what I would produce now, the lyrics still give me goosebumps whenever I listen to it. It’s just very empowering. Long story short;

A woman’s heart is divine. Don’t F**ck with it.

I also got a special T 78 remix on it. It was solid.

Since your first release and from your own perception, how would you describe the evolution and sound of your tracks, do you think is it possible that it fits into a specific genre, has it changed?

It has changed quite a lot and I have finally found my sound and nothing makes me happier.

I think I was struggling with that for a few years.

I really like to focus on the Mental Hypnotic side of techno, but what truly makes it mine; is that i will always include some element of truth from my kinky lifestyle.

Tell us about your label ‘Mind Medizin’, what’s the story behind it, and what can we expect from it the rest of this year (Any other releases planned)?

Mind Medizin is an ecosystem of self-expression for pleasure lovers and kinky souls. A lifestyle for those who like to explore the dark and mysterious, the seductive and the shadowy.

The story behind the label is simple: Just me being honest to the world about who really I am: A woman who is just really inspired and motivated through kink. And I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to this. Your sexual desires, your orgasm, and your attraction to others are all-powerful forces.

Sexual energy If channelled the right way,  it can be converted into higher goals.

Let’s talk about releases!

MM is fully packed up until December. And I am excited for this year! Sorry I can’t share!! I love the element of surprise .

At MM we follow a strict policy of 1 Release each month.

This way each artist gets the attention they deserve. Each release Is so unique and carefully designed it would be a waste to not appreciate them.

What are the highs and lows of running a label and what have you learned that you can share?

For Mind Medizin it’s always on the high,  we are creating our own path, it’s different when you love something because then the toughest things feel like nothing.

But if I had to give 1 piece of advice (create your own sound and stick to it).
Don’t break that or change that for anyone.

Congratulations on your recently released EP ‘Submit To Me’.  In general terms, how was the production process and inspiration behind this track?

“Submit to me“ is inspired by my real life.

It shows my real life relationships with my subs, and how our relationship works based  on trust and loyalty.

How did Tensal end up remixing your track, and what you can say of his remix?

I was so excited having Tensal as part of this EP.

He delivered a very powerful hard dance floor remix . It was Hot.

How do you perceive the scene in general terms at this moment, after the pandemic and with the modernity to which humanity is advancing?

It’s alive again , everything is back to normal again. But one thing I must say is that Everyone is so much more appreciative now and really embraces each moment.

To this moment, what would you consider your most significant achievement in your career as an artist?

As an artist I still have so much to do.

But I did achieve getting a lot of love and support from the  BDSM community, I achieved making a lot of long lasting friends in the scene and finally I achieved finding the most amazing team to work with (Activity Vision).

Thanks a lot for your time, to close the interview and for curiosity, what music do you listen to besides electronic music? ¿Can you recommend some artists to follow?

Aww Luis thank you so much for this .

I was born in Canada so Hip Hop and RNB will always be in my blood.

I love 21 savage , Gunna , Pop Smoke and Post Malone.

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