Lady Tazz serves up her new EP, ‘Submit To Me’ (incl. a remix from Tensal). 

Mind Medizin label head and techno temptress Lady Tazz serves up her first much-anticipated EP of the year, with a huge remix from Spanish techno artist Tensal.

The EP titled ‘Submit To Me‘ is another all-powerful and liberating techno showcase. The title track is deeply hypnotic and tightly coiled, techno music that would make you lose your body and mind, at the same time, while Tensal remix It’s designed to devastate warehouses and does so with style. Highly recommended.

Submit To Me‘ EP is due out June 30th, 2022 in Vinyl & all digital formats via Mind Medizin. Stay tuned, full details below.

Lady Tazz is a Canadian-Bangladeshi rebel who makes subversive techno. As a DJ, producer, label owner and event promoter, she is on a mission to free people from societal restraint, to encourage them to explore their kinky sides and to explore the unknown. She has recently launched this label with a collaborative release with Gotshell and has made appearances at Flesh Queer Festival in London and the My Pleasure events in Spain. Her dark and driving drums and mind-melting synths are truly unique as this first fresh offering of the year proves.

‘Submit To Me’ is deeply hypnotic and tightly coiled. The kinetic drums urge you forwards into a darkened warren of sound. Frosty synths and lasers search across the groove and darkly seductive vocals encourage dancers to close their eyes and give themselves over. It’s an alluring cut that manages to make a big physical as well as emotional impact.

The remix comes from Tensal, a leading Spanish techno artist with an accomplished discography spanning 20 years. His take on the original is brilliantly heavy, with panel-beaten synth loops, unrelenting drums and whooshes of caustic white noise. It’s designed to devastate warehouses and does so with style.

Submit To Me EP is another all-powerful and liberating techno showcase from the innovative Lady Tazz.

Artist: Lady Tazz
Title: Submit To Me EP
Label: Mind Medizin
Release date: 30th June 2022
Cat No: MDZ005
Format: Digital, vinyl


01 Submit To Me
02 Submit To Me (Tensal Remix)

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