Controlled Weirdness lands in Cultivated Electronics Ltd with a new EP,  ‘In The Shadows’.

Heads up for Cultivated Electronics Ltd (CE’s vinyl only sister label) next release, which is an outstanding 4-track EP by UK DJ / producer, Controlled Weirdness. On ‘In The Shadows’ he delivers 4 earthy and raw Electro cuts with exciting electronics, tough beats and wonky acid. The EP is set to be released next week on monday July 25, 2022.

Pre order Vinyl: Clone, Juno UK

Heads will know Controlled Weirdness (real name Neil Keating) from his monthly radio show on Threads, his Presence Unknown label and Electric Sweat events. But he’s actually been rocking the decks since the mid-’80s when as a youngster, Electro and early ’80s pirate radio started his obsession with electronic music and he played his first gig at ”The House of Dolls” in Farringdon where he soon became resident. After a stint in New York from 1989 he met Joel Bevacqua aka DJ Deadly Buda, who after returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh invited Neil to play at the first ever rave there in 1991, leading to a 6-month stint of events. Neil eventually returned to London in 1992 and started a radio show on pirate station Chillin FM alongside his sister, Stacey (later known as NoYeahNo). Many more events followed until in 1996 he formed Unearthly Records. Since then, he has played worldwide from plush clubs to dirty warehouses and has appeared on a variety of labels including Audio Illusion, Control Tower, Praxis, Zhark, Dirty Needles, Fdb and Still Raven.

Artist: Controlled Weirdness
Title: In The Shadows
Label: Cultivated Electronics Ltd
Catalogue No: CELTD010
Formats: Vinyl
Release date: 25 July 2022


A1. Inside Agitators
A2. Bleeker St
AA1. In The Shadows
AA2. Corona Acid

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