Vexillary – Crash And Yearn

Just few months after the release of his debut LP, Full Frontal Lunacy, Vexillary is back with a refreshed sound on his sophomore effort, ‘Crash and Yearn‘, due out September 2nd, 2022.

Loosely based on the Fall of Icarus, Crash and Yearn thematically take the listener on a sonic journey destined for a doomed end that’s entirely worth its pleasures. “Your burnt wings tell a story of odd fascinations one should never speak of ” sings guest vocalist Baylee on the title track, crystallizing the album’s concept. From the gripping opener Come as Your Madness, to the emotive album closer The Fall, Vexillary has crafted a cohesive technoid opera, ripe with decadent lyrics and lush production.

Ultimately, much like Icarus, with Crash and Yearn we’re witnessing Vexillary leveling up and pushing his limits as a producer and songwriter for our listening pleasure, with little regard for the sacrifices along the way.


01. Come As Your Madness
02. Haute cadaver
03. Crash And Yearn
04. Skull Trot
05. Bullet
06. Le Diable
07. Hot Seat
08. Bow Down
09. The fall

Label: Con:trace
Artist: Vexillary
Title: Crash And Yearn
Format: LP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date: September 2nd, 2022
Cat. No. CTR004
Distribution: LANDR

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