Zigler – Funzioni Cognitive (Incl. RNGD Remix)

Signal is proud to present the next release by Italian talent Zigler with four killer tracks of highest-grade modern techno combined with a strong hypnotic rework by RNGD. ‘Funzioni Cognitive’ is an unstable abstractions in constant and elusive change. Vibrating matter into sparks of sounds and shimmering in minds as electric signals.


  1. Attenzione Distrorta (Original Mix)
  2. Attimo Fatale (Original Mix)
  3. Pensiero Introverso (Original Mix) 05:45
  4. Percezione Alterata (Original Mix)
  5. Percezione Alterata (RNGD Remix)

Artist. Zigler
Title. Funzioni Cognitive
Remixer. RNGD
Label. Signal Rec.
Release date. August 5, 2022
Format. Digital

Written & produced by Zigler
Mastered by Drop-E
Remix is written, produced & mastered by RNGD
Artwork Design by Ubertek

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