0010×0010 album \'MØDVLXXR\' was recorded across Hong Kong, mixed in Los Angeles and mastered in Berlin.

Surfing in the web, and in the techno music promo spots, i just found out a very interesting label to follow. is MODULAR FREQ, a record label strictly focused on releasing music that\’s primarily made with modular synths. Their mission is to provide a variety of modular techno, experimental IDM and ambient sounds crafted with the finest gear available on the market.

Now they give the chace to release a 11-track release to 0010×0010, a really good proposal, he is an audio/visual artist born in the south of The Netherlands. Really well influenced musically talking, he is delivering a really interesting pack of new tracks that you should listen and get it. Keep reading below. 

Overview. Modular Freq is happy to announce the release of MØDVLXXR.

A new 100% modular performed album by multimedia artist 0010×0010.

These tracks were recorded in various Airbnb rentals across Hong Kong, mixed in Los Angeles and mastered in Berlin. These songs are soundtracks to a new series of A/V Exhibitions that will be shown around the world and premiered at MOCA in Bangkok and a Private Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Listen some 0010×0010 music uploaded at his SoundCloud account (Previews soon…)

Cover Artwork.

Label: Modular Freq 
Artist: 0010×0010 
Format: Digital 
Cat.Number: MFRQ003 
Release Date: July 15th (Beatport), July 29th, 2019 
Distribution: Label Worx 


01. Lxve In Multiple Dimensions Simultaneously 
02. The Voodoo Is In My Blood 
03. Never Surrender 
04. Choose One 
05. Bombay Beach
06. Escape from Rodeo Drive 
07. Tsim Sha Tsui Express 
08. Buffer Underrun 
09. … To Ease the Pain 
10. The Last Polaroid 
11. Technno Is Dead


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