Inox Traxx arrived at Hardgroove to deliver a 5-track EP, ‘Snap Into My Sonic’.  

Following the infectious and outstanding ‘House of Wax’ release on Ben Sims’ Symbolism in 2021, the mighty Inox Traxx jumped this October across to sister-label Hardgroove and delivered a five-track EP titled ‘Snap Into My Sonic’.

The EP bringed out five different textures, all of them directed to end in an effective techno, some times hypnotic, peak time cut. It’s easy to see why the release got out on a Ben Sims label, as the sound is what a legend with that experience will call techno.

Inox Traxx’s ‘Snap Into My Sonic’ EP was released on Hardgroove on October 14th, 2022

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The pulsing urgency of ‘Into My Soul’ opens ‘Snap Into My Sonic’ with purpose. Distinctly peak time but with real depth emphasised by moody hits and the titular vocal sample, the track paves the way for the stripped-back groove and soulful vox of ‘I Got To Try’ to do its thing.

Continuing the delicate balance of power and depth across the EP, ‘Effekt Symph’ pairs rattling 909 toms with widescreen synth strings while the intricate, tuned percussion of ‘In The Jungle’ takes heavy elements and rounds them off to create a classy peak time cut. Closing with the guttural punch of ‘Remember Me’, ‘Snap Into My Sonic’ is a heady kick from a producer who Hard Wax aptly described as “Flawless, highly effective, pure Techno”.


01 Into My Soul
02 I Got To Try
03 Effekt Symph
04 In The Jungle
05 Remember Me

Full details:

Inox Traxx – Snap Into My Sonic

Inox Traxx’s ‘Snap Into My Sonic’ EP was released on Hardgroove on October 14th, 2022. Tracklist. 01 Into My Soul02 I Got To Try03 Effekt Symph04 In The Jungle05 Remember Me Artist: Inox TraxxTitle: Snap Into My Sonic EPLabel: HardgrooveReleased: 14th October 2022Cat No: HardgrooveDigi015Format: Digital Order: Link


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