Moteka & Truant.J – Permutation Paradox

Next up on Skryptöm is the first collaboration between Moteka and Truant.J, two producers who undoubtedly have special sounds and forward-thinking textures to showcase in this 12-track voyage that has been entitled ‘Permutation Paradox‘ due out November 11th, 2022.

‘Working fluently and dynamically through an open exchange of ideas started from a short focused EP to being able to tell a longer story with the music. This allowed the artists to indulge in the varieties of sounds and styles both enjoy and appreciate. This culminated in an attempt to tell a story about fate and the decisions we choose to make.’


1 – Devastated Wastelands
2 – Oracle Protocol
3 – Reset Intentions
4 – Stimuli Overload
5 – Oedipus R3X
6 – Titanomachy 2.0
7 – Inexorable Desperation
8 – Insignificant Actions
9 – Eleventh Hour
10 – Counterflow Automation
11 – Droïd Catharsis
12 – Permutation Paradox

Artist. Moteka & Truant.J
Title. Permutation Paradox LP
Format. CD / DIGITAL
Release date. November 11th, 2022

Pre order: Soon at Bandcamp

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