Helena Hauff landed on fabric Originals with a new EP, ‘Living With Ladybirds’. 

The mighty Helena Hauff has revealed her first release of 2022, a new EP titled ‘Living With Ladybirds‘ due out November 11th in Vinyl & digital formats via fabric Originals.

The record composed of four tracks was recorded using only analogue equipment, showcasing a truly amazing and unique sonics hard-edged, hypnotic, and wildly exhilarating rhythms. We have no choice but to recommend this brilliant piece, an odyssey worked out by one of the most brilliant artists on the electro purist scene.

Pre order Vinyl: fabriclondon

“I used to live with ants, now I live with ladybirds”. “Slight upgrade in insect poshness. And the record is about cats too!”

Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff is the next artist to release on our new label imprint fabric Originals. Her forthcoming EP Living With Ladybirds is set for release on 11th November 2022 with the Hamburg-born artists first new tune of 2022 ‘Touching Plastic’ out now to stream and buy. Explore the tracklist below.

While touring relentlessly over the last 12 months, 2022 has not seen a release from Hauff until today, with the announcement of Living With Ladybirds; her first EP of 2022 to be released on 11th November via fabric Originals, our new flagship imprint. With its title being a direct reference to Living With Ants, her lauded 2019 project, Living With Ladybirds follows in the lineage of its predecessor; presenting glacial, yet highly kinetic electro. This time, her sound feels kaleidoscopic. The melodic patterns, while often frantic, are exploding with colour – displaying the rough edges in Hauff’s jagged synth sounds and 8-bit tones.

Today’s launch single ‘Touching Plastic’ is perhaps a perfect encapsulation of this. A jolting, highly percussive run through electro’s more foreboding atmospheres. Hauff packs a collection expertly layered drum patters through the track while remaining resolutely concise with melody – leaving a devastatingly powerful drone to hold throughout the track alongside sparsely placed yet disorientingly effective synth notes to elevate the listening experience beyond ‘Touching Plastic’’s heavy groove.

A master of creating dancefloor moments that stay with the listener for long after their first listen, Helena Hauff stays true to her craft on Living With Ladybirds and ‘Touching Plastic’. Understated yet hugely imaginative, her work has come to expand the possibilities of electro and techno in the modern era, with music that feels passionate yet is purpose built to ignite dancefloor with cold, full-bodied energy. Living With Ladybirds is the perfect example of a modern icon setting out their stall as one of the most authoritative names in their field and unleashing output that is as raw as it is confounding.



  1. Jonas
  2. Your Turn To Fly
  3. Touching Plastic
  4. Pinch

Full details:

Helena Hauff – Living With Ladybirds

“I used to live with ants, now I live with ladybirds. Slight upgrade in insect poshness. And the record is about cats too” – Helena Hauff Tracklist. Artist. Helena HauffTitle. Living With LadybirdsRelease date. November 11th, 2022Format. Vinyl & digitalLabel. fabric Originals. Pre order Vinyl: fabriclondon, Bandcamp


Cover Photo by: Janine Kühn

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