Tech Melodies full of power, light and elegance in Roi´s upcoming Deixo EP via Fanzine Records.

Hello, in search of peace and relaxation, but more than all mental, I find this gem of release. With melodies full of power, light and elegance, Roi presents his upcoming material, a 4 track EP entitled Deixo EP, that is planned to be released on June 24th (Vinyl), July 8th (Digital), 2019 via Fanzine Records. More info below.

Overview. A few years ago, Roi took the wise decision of changing his life, he got away from the madding crowd of the city and moved to the coast of Dexo, surrounded by nature and animals. This kind of retreat has been the trigger of enormous personal growth and a strong feeling of freedom, which has led him to find a certain inner calm, also to feel the constant climatic changes which are so typical of Galicia, alternating between wind, rain and sun. Roi has found himself; this deep self-knowledge has provoked an internal explosion of inspiration that made him to fully immerse in music production after years of experimenting.
Concurring with the 10th-anniversary tour of the label and promoter Fanzine Project which he co-manages, the artist from A Coruña will publish his first EP next month of June. He comes with melodies full of power, light and elegance, embracing a wide spectrum of music styles which meet in a perfect point of balance between strength and delicacy.
Deixo EP is the outcome of a small tribute paid to his three main sources of inspiration: The wonderful landscape of the coast of Dexo, Seixo Branco Point and his unconditional companion: His dog Tigre.

Cover Artwork.

Label: Fanzine Records
Artist: Roi

Title: Deixo EP 
Format: Vinyl & Digital 
Cat.Number: FAN009 
Release Date: June 24th (Vinyl), July 8th (Digital), 2019 
Distribution Vinyl: Triple Vision 


01. Techo
02. Katniss
03. Dexo
04. Werena


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