Selected Mix: Luisergico

For today’s Selected Mix, we share this psychedelic trance mix made by Luisergico (Luis Mendizabal). Enjoy the trip.

A selection of classic tracks from the best of Brazilian psytrance, presented in a high speed mix accompanied by some recent released tracks with a blend of more darker and energetic sounds.


1. Insector – Black Light (Temple Twister)
2. Witch Freak – Masala Overdose (OrganiK Circus Records)
3. Hierophants, Konebu – Dimensional Odyssey (Sangoma)
4. CROOKED MIND – Psychological Warfare (Stomping Goats Collective)
5. Mystic Modulators – The Language Of Mushrooms (Woo-Dog Recordings)
6. Traxon, Groark – Reality Machine (GloOm Music)
7. Necropsycho – Invisivel (Stomping Goats Collective)
8. Cannibal Bbq – Flyingfish (Grimm Records)
9. Blend – The Real Deal (Mosaico Records)
10. Totum, Yons – Superstoned Man (Twisted Alps)
11. Selective Mood, Nocturnes Creatures – Salsa Dancing (Damaru Records)
12. Zaiklophobia – Other Dimension (Bhooteshwara Records)
13. Kontrol Z – Inside the Maze (Religare Records)
14. Audiosyntax, Yons – Atmospheric Splitscreen (Quintessence Records)
15. Necropsycho, Metraton – Yourself (Alice D)

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