apaull – Sans Phobia (Incl. Maedon Remix)

This EP takes a heavier turn that portends the cold and dark winter ahead. We find ourselves beset by turmoil everywhere we look. Some of it is real. Much is manufactured. Around every corner lurks a crisis that tells you to cede a little more of what you control. It is a slow drip, imperceptible to the naked eye, of a naked power grab by the people we elect and buy things from.

Sans Phobia (original mix) is littered with disembodied voices struggling to get out of the various rhetorical and physical prisons they find themselves in. These prisons, by design and literally, put regular people in their place in an evolving new world order that justifies their actions by saying “its all your fault”. “Why did you hurt them?” is their cry in reply, as they squirm to find and redefine their current standing.

Sans Phobia (Maedon remix) — Berlin based Maedon hammers home the point of the original mix with her unique hybrid of industrial techno and prickly splash of rave. You feel the sharp gloom of what Skinny Puppy long ago called “Smothered Hope”, with no reasonable expectation that this will change any time soon. You are left relentlessly pounding on the door, with no obvious way out of your new human condition, when it dawns on you that there is no actual door.

Not a Victim paints a dystopian world where the fresh coat of grey paint has not yet dried, still running down the walls of a fragile gingerbread house. Despite this there is hope and opportunity. It points to an uprising, where people see themselves “not as victims” but as honorable people that “lived up to their pledge to defend democracy”.


  1. Sans Phobia (Original Mix)
  2. Sans Phobia (Maedon Remix)
  3. Not A Victim (Original Mix)

Label: Furnace Room Records
Artist: apaull
Remixers: Madeon
Title: Sans Phobia
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date: December 9th, 2022
Cat. No. FRR003
Distribution: Superstition Entertainment Network
Domain: http://www.apaull.com

Pre order: Soon at Beatport

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