Angel Attack – Divine Practicalities (Incl. remixes from Univac & Blind Delon)

The title track acts as a prelude to the album. A broken-beat, experimental number, it dips into cinematic soundscapes and warbling percussion, which Angel Attack describes as an “introduction to summarise the emotions we are about to experience on the album.” Tightening Tension follows suit. It’s a mutation of broken techno with electro flavours over a malicious Moog bassline, featuring the vocals of French producer IV Horsemen, whose lyrics conjure a smokey, bone-chilling atmosphere between skittery drums.

Forgotten is the postlude-type track of the album, and this is where Angel Attack’s interdisciplinary approach comes to life. It’s the most piercing tune of the release, complete with a guitar melody, stripped-back drums and pagan throat chants provided by Angel Attack. An introspective offering, staying with the listener long after the record stops spinning.

Angel Attack invites two of his favourite artists to remix Tightening Tension. Catalan producer Univac twists up the stems, serving a searing electro interpretation with a winding synthline and reverb-drenched vocals. On Blind Delon’s remix, the French synthwave and post-punk band seal the album with a dark and sultry 7-minute ride through noise. Potent synth notes and hair-raising vocals punctuate the soundscape, echoing the concept of the release: music as a mirror into the soul.


  1. Divine Practicalities
  2. Tightening Tension ft. VI Horsemen
  3. Ankles
  4. Come To Me
  5. Oblivion War ft. HIV+
  6. Wrists
  7. Forgotten
  8. Tightening Tension (Univac Remix)
  9. Tightening Tension (Blind Delon Remix)

Label: House Of Reptile
Artist: Angel Attack
Remixers: Univac, Blind Delon
Title: Divine Practicalities
Format: LP
Release Formats: 2×12“, Digital
Release Date: December 6th, 2022
Distribution: Ampsuite

Pre order: Soon at Bandcamp

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