Konkurs – Mind Stimulant

Prepare to listen to 40 minutes of lacerating and surreal club ready tracks primed for mutant followers of electronic body music & industrial classics as well as for disturbed techno heads of the future.

These eight tracks were assembled, programmed & sequenced over the course of the lockdown period and finely tuned for maximum aural and synaptic impact at home or on fogged out obliterated dance floors worldwide.


  1. Proteus
  2. Exit Wound
  3. Mind Stimulant
  4. Heat Shield
  5. Ordinary Fear
  6. To Help You Dream
  7. Bay of Pigs
  8. Nightmare Man

Label: Megastructure_ / X-IMG
Artist: Konkurs
Title: Mind Stimulant
Format: Album
Release Format: Vinyl /Digital
Release Date: December 2nd, 2022
Cat. No. MS012 / X-IMG40

Pre order: Soon at Bandcamp

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