Various Artists – Deported Series: Ten

Illegal Alien Records continues its trajectory of high caliber techno releases, and this time has announced a new compilation due out february 2023. The ‘Deported Series: Ten‘ features tracks from Julieta Kopp, Coyu & Gotshell, Duncan Macdonald, Klint, ILL COMMUNICATION , Michael Ferrell, Aöcram, Rostøm, Azogiař, Cassulle, Orion and Ricardo Garduno. Highly recommended. Stay tuned!


Julieta Kopp – El Exilio de las Neuronas (Original Mix)
Coyu, Gotshell – Untitled 2 (Original Mix)
Duncan Macdonald – Skyris (Original Mix)
Klint – Quake (Original Mix)
ILL COMMUNICATION – 1200mg (Original Mix)
Michael Ferrell – Lane Switch (Original Mix)
Aöcram – Boomerang Effect (Original Mix)
Rostøm – More Than Me (Original Mix)
Azogiař – Pantano Profundo (Original Mix)
Cassulle – Bengo River (Original Mix)
Orion – Maker’s End (Original Mix)
Ricardo Garduno – Mente Caotica (Original Mix)

Label. Illegal Alien Records
Artist(s): Julieta Kopp, Coyu & Gotshell, Duncan Macdonald, ILL COMMUNICATION, Michael Ferrell, Aöcram, Klint, Rostøm, Azogiař, Cassulle, Orion, Ricardo Garduno
Title: Deported Series: Ten
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: IARDC010
Release Date: February 13th of 2023

Pre order: Beatport

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