Niclas Erlandsson ready to release his new 4-track EP, ‘Väsen’.

Niclas Erlandsson delivers a decent and serious musical work with his new release “Väsen EP” on ANTIMODUS. From now on it’s getting serious!

Release date: February 24th, 2023 in Vinyl & digital formats via Antimodus.

Pre order vinyl: Soon at Bandcamp

With this release, the Scandinavian brings a mystical sound reminiscent of the past times of the vikings. The opening track does not come in the classic 4 to the floor robe, the title creates with the brute drum beats and classic acid elements a rhythmic entry into the EP. While listening, the imagination of a cold, merciless and raw dystopia is awakened to the listener. Niclas Erlandsson manages to create a lot with few elements and brings a serious industrial sound to ANTIMODUS.

In addition, the key track “Vitorm” also comes with an stunning music video and shows once again that ANTIMODUS not only attaches importance to the acoustic, but also the visual component plays a major role in the label. The video for the single was shot in Sweden, near the artist’s hometown and once again illustrates the beauty of nature in northern latitudes.

Mastering by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin / Artwork by Artur James


  1. /A1 Vitorm
  2. /A2 Bergså
  3. /B1 Oknytt
  4. /B3 Mar

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