Axis Records unveils The ‘6 Planet Discovery Mission’ compilation featuring Silent Servant, Inigo Kennedy, Benjamin Damage and Developer.

Jeff Mills and Developer have put together a new space-inspired compilation ‘The 6 Planet Discovery Mission‘ via Axis Records which consists of six tracks by Silent Servant, Inigo Kennedy, Benjamin Damage and Developer himself. 
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The original dynamic of the release is that each artist named their respective cuts after a fictional planet. Conceptualised by Mills and curated by Developer, the compilation was created for the Underground Resistance cofounder’s new digital magazine, The Escape Velocity. Axis Records will release The 6 Planet Discovery Mission on May 7th, 2021.


Always as a guiding record label, Axis is usual when it comes to put out music inspired by science-fiction and space, so it\’s no coincidence that Jeff has chosen Modularz owner, Developer to work on this compilation.

Developer’s sound when it comes to bringing together cosmic elements in his music, he is one of the best on the field, as can be corroborated in his track for this compilation titled ‘Volumino’, which is our favorites from the release, without missing the other bombshells by the tremendous artists that make up this space odyssey. ‘The 6 planet discovery mission’ compilation is a gem, we highly recommend it. 10/10.

Developer: \”Jeff brought a clever idea to me and that was to create a compilation for \”The Escape Velocity\” project. It was clear that it was important to keep the Axis\’ space aesthetic and that the whole thing would be curated by Modularz, so I took the information Jeff gave me and began to select only a few producers that I felt that could contribute something different without orbiting too far out of the Axis Solar System.
The 6 planet discovery mission is a metaphor for discovering something else or out of the Axis\’ norm and I used planets instead of artists to describe this. I asked each artist to name their created tracks after a newly discovered planet if they were given the opportunity and in total, we came up with 6 to complete the compilation.\”
Artist. Various Artists – Silent Servant, Inigo Kennedy, 
Benjamin Damage, Developer. 
Title. The 6 Planet Discovery Mission
Label. Axis Records
Release date: May 7th, 2021
Format. Digital
01. Inigo Kennedy – J1407B 
02. Silent Servant – Ranxerox 
03. Developer – Arcadians 58 
04. Developer – Volumino 
05. Benjamin Damage – Azizos 
06. Developer – Ursans 

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