Brotherhood of the Wolf presents their debut EP ‘Pack Mentality’

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Inspired by Detroit and influenced by the Irish underground scene, Brotherhood of the Wolf is the production duo behind the distinct sound of Distrackt Records since 2017. After many successful releases, the owners and operator of the label are presenting the next release, a new EP titled ‘Pack Mentality‘ which features 3 new original tracks plus a Jeff‘s Obsession Edit, to be out on May 21st, 2021A very interesting EP. We recommend it. Full details below.

Pack Mentality is the debut EP from Distrackt label heads Brotherhood of the Wolf. Having curated the Distrackt sound since its inception the Irish boys recently debuted their production skills with their excellent remix of Angelo Currao’s Sinister Dance.


Pack Mentality sees the duo formally introduce themselves via a four-track effort that showcases a sound inspired by Detroit and influenced by the Dublin underground scene.


Tracks description.
A1. Tank Man: Acid melodies ride a wave of percussion throughout. Layered synths and vocal splashes sit atop of a heavy kick and driving bassline while a metallic drone maintains the intense atmospheric feel of Tank Man.
A2. Dispatch: A deep groovy bassline and polyrhythmic drums set the tone. Synth stabs and perc splash’s add depth and character. Vocal fx’s and melodies add the glue that holds Dispatch together.
B1. Wuhanian Spicy Nightwings (Original Mix): Layered rumbling bassline, haunted strings and acid melodies characterize Wuhanian Spicy Nightwings. Deep pad sounds take the lead and the chanting vocal adds to the driving undertone.
B2. Wuhanian Spicy Nightwings (Brotherhood of the Wolf – Jeff’s Obsession Edit): Brotherhood of the Wolf re-works Wuhanian Spicy Nightwings into a distorted dub version of its original form. Jeff’s obsession edit offers more hypnotic rhythmic soundscapes than the original more aggressive cut.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Brotherhood of the Wolf
Title: Pack Mentality
Format: Digital
Label: Distrackt Records
Release Date: May 21st, 2021
Cat. No. DR00.00.17
Distribution: Label Worx
01. Tank Man
02. Dispatch
03. Wuhanian Spicy Nightwings
04. Wuhanian Spicy Nightwings (Jeff‘s Obsession Edit)

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