Female:Pressure’s queer feminist La Fraicheur EP following UR residency – \'Weltschmerz EP\' is out May 10

This is is a new one, between Berlin, New York and Mexico, La Fraicheur wrote the “Weltschmerz EP”. For over a decade now, first in Paris, then Montreal and now in Berlin, La Fraicheur has been brewing her own blend of Deep House & Techno beats, making a name for herself with her signature sound of emotionally charged and acid Techno sets. 

Now is time to announce her upcoming EP via InFiné Music, \”Weltschmerz EP\” is planned to be release in Digital formats on May 10. 

Overview. Produced both at her home studio and on tour, between Berlin, New York and Mexico, La Fraicheur wrote the “Weltschmerz EP” following two impulses. One being the desire to make music closer to the “no mercy/take no prisoners” biting sounds of her engaging powerful techno sets, the other the necessity to deal with overwhelming feelings of anger, disgust and frustration born in the backlash following her debut album release and newfound visibility confronting her with the invasive violence of misogynistic trolls.
Hence 4 new tracks with a more distorted sound, at times cutting, at times slimy, often restless and howling, built on the liberating energy of dance as escapist solace and techno as catharsis.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. La Fraicheur 
Title. Weltschmerz EP 
 CAT#. iF3071
Format. Digital download 
Label. InFiné 

Release date. May 10th, 2019 


1. Quicksand
2. Misanthropy
4. Weltschmerz


All tracks written, performed and produced by Perrine Sauviat Mixed & Mastered by Léonard de Léonard 
A&R by Alexandre Cazac Artwork by Lurhi Peña 
Published by InFiné éditions ℗ & © 2019 InFiné 

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