Gerd Janson\'s Running Back to release new Tiger & Woods album.

Dear folks, it\’s time to announce that Tiger & Woods will release a new album on Gerd Janson’s Running Back. “A.O.D.” is scheduled to release April 12th on 12” and digital formats.

The Roman duo, formed by Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi, are celebrating 10 years of collaborating with their third full-length. “A.O.D.” stands for “Adult Oriented Dance\”, taking inspiration from A.O.R. (Adult Oriented Rock) and the romantic landscapes and discotheques on the Italian countryside.

Known for their raw disco edits, loopy sampled cuts and boogie bangers, Tiger & Woods illustrate Rome’s Italo Disco that was influenced by New York City’s dance scene of the 80s. They sampled materials from the Roman legend Claudio Donato and his Full Time and Goodymusic catalog for this new body of work, except for the track \’1:00AM’, which is 100% sample-free. (listen below) 

AOD by Tiger & Woods

Overview. Unshrouded in mystery: what once started as an anonymous underground project with stamped white labels and a clever take on sampling, has since then unfolded to be one of the longestrunning and most successful teams in current dance music. Nurtured by the sounds of the past and blessed with the techniques of today, the music of Tiger & Woods always kept evolving in and around the tropes of disco, house and boogie. Classic dance music, if you will. 

Celebrating the 10th anniversary this year, Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi managed to arrive at album number three. “A.O.D.” is a pun on A.O.R. (adult oriented rock) and a play on their own sound. Defying the restricting rules electronic music record shop crates, it\’s a departure and an arrival at the same time. Inspired by the faded buildings and images of discotheques on the Italian countryside, the romantic start and bittersweet endings of summer, beach life and the excitement of travelling through the landscape to get to aforementioned temples of dance and subsequently the morning after. Except for the 100% sample-free “1:00 am”, everything on “A.O.D.” is based on a quiver of cleared samples from the Roman institution that is Claudio Donato and his Full Time and Goodymusic emporium. In Tiger & Woods hometown Rome, the often very electronic and futuristic sound of Italo Disco had a different twist. Much more boogie-based and influenced by the song-writing styles of New York City\’s dance scene, it played in a league of its own. Tiger & Woods use these materials to take them apart, out of context and into contrasting areas. Molding something completely new, one gets fooled to recognize Sade songs that aren\’t, pop music instrumentals and a reprise of memories that never existed. A ride through one’s brain in a convertible with an Italian FM radio station playing in the background. Or to use less stiff poetry: a chill out album you can dance to or a dance album you can chill out to. Adult Oriented Dance.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Tiger & Woods 
Title. A.O.D. 
Format: 12” / Digital
Label: Running Back 
Cat. No: RBLP13
Release Date: April 12th, 2019 


I Forever Summer
II Warning Fails
III A Lovely Change
IV Night Quake V The Bad Boys
VI Salsaro Ete VII 1:00AM
VIII Kelly McGillis


Credits: I — Forever Summer, 3:45 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from Orlando Johnson »Turn The Music On« / O.Johnson, M.Zannini II — Warning Fails, 5:01 • Written by M. Passarani, V. Del Prete. Contains elements from Laura D‘Angelo e La Danceterie »Follow Me« / M.Violante III — A Lovely Change, 4:12 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from Kate Farrow »Love And Pride« / M. Violante IV — Night Quake, 4:12 • Written by M. Passarani, V. Del Prete. Contains elements from Boeing »Dance To The Beat« / L.Cantone V — The Bad Boys, 5:01 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from M&G »When I Let You Down« / M. Sangineto VI — Salsaro Ete, 5:08 • Written by M.Passarani, V. Del Prete. Contains elements of Patty Johnson »I‘m in Love» / USA Version / P.Gianolio VII — 1:00AM, 5:07 Written by M. Passarani. VIII — Kelly McGillis • 4:41 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from Geraldine »You Are My Goal« / M.Violante 
Written and produced by Tiger & Woods Mastered by Lopazz at Vinyl Cut at SST
 Manufactured by R.A.N.D. MUZIK Distributed by WAS – Word and Sound Artwork by Gina A Moench Sleeve Image: Marabù. Cella, Reggio Emilia Paradise Discotheque All Images by Antonio La GrottA
 Published by Goody Music SRL
 ℗ & © 2019 Running Back

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