Ross Harper unveils his new ‘Feel’ EP on City Wall Records.

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Another gem of sophisticated sounds is coming, stay tuned for the next release on City Wall Records, that presents the Brighton, UK producer Ross Harper with his ‘Feel’ EP to be out on April 30th, 2021. Read full details below:
Ross Harper’s Feel EP was inspired by his time at club Kultura Zvuka in Kharkiv, Ukraine while on tour with Nastia and Daria Kosolova. Ross found himself on the dancefloor next to a local girl. He felt a nudging sensation against his foot. But when he looked down, there was nothing to see. So he kept dancing but then there it was again, a feeling of someone gently pushing against the side of his foot. Again, he looked down and nothing was there, but the same girl was still standing next to him. So he took a breath and said “hello”. She said she speaks only Russian and very little English. Ross then noticed a tattoo of something written in Russian on her wrist and asked her what it meant, she replied, “FEEL”. “Ah, yes”, Ross thought, that makes perfect sense, “FEEL”.
Starting with deep intensity, a stranger, in a strange place, yet surrounded by love, surrounded by soul, surrounded by feeling. “FEEL I” presents deeply touching bass and finally a beat, a broken beat. As the music unfolds, the intensity within grows. In “FEEL II”, the broken beat transforms to a low throbbing kick and bass. And all along there is the sense of lingering darkness, like a mystery speaking from the deep. By the time we reach “FEEL III”, the kick is being felt and new peaks of emotion and definition are emerging. “FEEL IV” takes this sound palette a step further into something altogether sublime with climatic voices, iridescent stabs and majestic strings, a whole symphony of sound unfolds. The perfection of “FEEL IV” is cemented by an off key bass drag that simply does not fit. Finally “FEEL V” is when the “release valve” comes unstuck, the tempo is up, the machine gun kicks unleashed, and the whole thing goes totally cosmic.
Cover Artwork.
Label: City Wall Records
Artist: Ross Harper
Title: Feel EP
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: April 30th, 2021
Cat. No. CW134x
Distribution: Believe
01. Feel I
02. Feel II
03. Feel III
04. Feel IV
05. Feel V

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