Dark and industrial techno takeover with Ascorbite’s debut album on his own Corseque Records.

Top notch, industrial techno with fast sounds take over the blog with this tremendous release. Ascorbite’s debut album on his own Corseque Records is going to be out on January 25th 2019 (Vinyl), 18th February 2019 (Digital) and it delivers what we call techno, so if you were asking yourself where is the techno? take this now, and listen below to a preview of this big techno output. 

10 tracks full of brutal and dark techno melodies are ready, in a general review, this  release contains authentic titanic bass kicks that complement a harsh techno atmosphere that we just love.  

Listen to CRSQ008: Ascorbite – Macrocosmic Framework at Soundcloud:

Ascorbite delivers ten tracks that easily build an eerie and bloodcurdling carnival of unbridled madness through a methodical structure. You will be captivated by this outlandish production and by visiting your inner self through it, whether you dance or simply imagine whatever vile things come to your mind.

It all starts by a perfectly conceived prologue that lures you into Devour Affliction, a metallic and anaesthetic world that takes you on a road to the wasteland of hard-hitting beats and trance-inducing synths that is Habitual Longing. You then enter a cavernous factory filled with nefariously morphing drums that throw you straight into the hellish and blazingly overwhelming next track, Second Range Of Vision. If you are not catatonic by this moment, Virtuous Infelicity will attack you with unrestrained, anarchic nightmares, and you will hear their demonic voices again through the abstract sound design of the profound and unbelievable Burning Pendulum. Next comes Unbleached, a dark, bassy track that will turn you into a mechanically automated fiend as soon as you start to move to it. Before the ending comes, the dreadfully melodic Shading will make you feel that maybe there is in fact a safe haven in the pit. Unfolding (Serenity) is an epilogue that contradicts the second half of its name: there is nothing serene about it. Or, just maybe, the mere act of letting the darkness take you and stopping the fighting is, in fact, serene.

Overview. Ascorbite’s debut album on his own Corseque Records is like a spooky mirror attraction at the edge of an after-hours amusement park. Step inside and you’ll find ten different mirrors uncannily glowing in a pitch black room. You’ll see yourself in each and every one of them, but the images will be deformed and continuously shifting. There are voices behind the glass, beckoning, chanting, calling out to you. Some seem human, others decisively mechanical. It ought to be a cacophony, but it’s not. Titanic bass kicks make all the ten mirrors vibrate in sync, giving the illusion of one single, distorted image. Dark and harsh, yes, but also a vision of endless possibilities.

Cover Artwork. 

Label. Corseque Records 

Artist. Ascorbite 
Title. Macrocosmic Framework 
Format. Vinyl, Digital 
Cat.Number. CRSQ008 
Release Date. January 25th 2019 (Vinyl), 18th February 2019 (Digital) 
Distribution. ReadyMade (Vinyl) Bandcamp (Digital) 
Domain. corsequerecordsofficial.bandcamp.com facebook.com/ascorbiteofficial


A1 Divination (Introversion) 
A2 Devour Affliction 
A3 Habitual Longing 
B1 Disaffection 
B2 Second Range Of Vision
C1 Virtuous Infelicity 
C2 Burning Pendulum 
D1 Unbleached 
D2 Shading 
D3 Unfolding (Serenity)


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