Mix of the Day: Marbs

As the mix of the day, i\’m pleasure to share a very unique taste of sound and art, created by someone whos continually on the cutting edge of deep house and techno music. Welcome to the Mind of Marbs! (Read Marbs biography)

Hit the play button and enjoy this episode of Mind of Marbs: Volume 001:

This is a concept created by the papa bear for the Desert hearts crew and a resident sexecutive DJ for Lovelife. He says this is to get you inside his head to explore the art and music he love so much.

Volume 001 is a collection of new and old music Marbs has been playing currently over the years, along with some deeper stuff he dont always get to play on the dancefloor.

Download the artwork attached to this Mind of Marb\’s episode: bit.ly/MindOfMabrs001Art

Cover Artwork.


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