Fabrizio Rat announces his second solo album, the perfect catch between hypnotic and captivating techno.

Lately I have been discovering a lot of melodic but dark techno, ideal to immerse yourself in a mental and sonorous journey, music that gives us energy and relaxes us. This time im getting on touch to announce that after three tremendous Eps and one LP, now Fabrizio Rat announces his second solo album on Odd/Even, the German label by Andre Kronert. The forthcoming album sees the perfect catch between hypnotic and captivating techno. 

The LP is structured with 12 tracks in order to put your mind and body connected with a techno sound like no other. The album has been entitled ‘Unconscious Mind’ and you have to listen to it to know why the titled couldnt be better. The release dates are Dec 3rd, Dec 17th, 2018.

Overview: Following three Eps and one LP Fabrizio Rat releases his second solo album on Odd/Even, German label by Andre Kronert. His live set – a unique performance of a real man/machine playing with his hand non stop for many hours like a human sequencer – has bring him around the globe these years setting dancefloors on fire with his hypnotic and captivating techno. Nevertheless, alongside his intensive touring he has never stop producing, and his 12 track upcoming album is the result. Playing these many gigs around the world has inspired in a way the title track, ‘Unconscious Mind’. « While playing my live set I have often experienced a state of trance, reached some magical moments where the movements of my hand on the keyboard and the control of the musical flow becomes almost automatic, unconscious, and a feeling of ‘unity’ with the people in the room arise. Losing the awareness of control and letting the subconscious ‘play’ is surely the most exciting part of music. It can really generate surprises and allow to reach the unexpected and the unforeseen. For me techno is a kind of meditation, very powerful and loud. It is an extreme music which explores frequencies you can’t hear with your ears, only perceive with the body. Sub basses are in a way similar to the subconscious mind, you cannot identify them precisely and understand clearly what they want to ‘say’ – as you can do for example a melody in the middle register – but their only presence can impact your feelings very strongly. » 
The sonic palette used here is much larger compared to his first album ‘The pianist’, which was coproduced with Arnaud Rebotini and released on his label. However, the hypnotic power of repetition stays at the centre of his work, and is here even pushed much further. The sound of the ‘prepared’ acoustic piano (e.g. modified with objects touching the strings and experimental playing techniques) is always there, but used in a subtler way, to melt or fight against the analog synthesizers employed alongside, in particular the Korg Ms20 which is a real main character (you can feel its ‘aliveness’) in this record. 
The album is conceived entirely for the dancefloor, with no rest and no breathe, no ambient or ‘quiet’ tracks. Melodies emerge at times, resulting from original orchestrations of piano and machines. At other times more violent and static textures explore the extreme repetitions of piano harmonics, combined with slowly evolving filtersweeping hypnosis.
The meditation attitude towards techno is probably the reason that pushed Fabrizio to include spoken ‘mantralike’ vocals on some of the tracks, provided by Swedish singer Linda Olah with whom he has collaborated on many projects. « I asked her to speak as a hypnotist would do, with a flat, regular, obliging tone. In the very same attitude I played most of the piano patterns in the record. I hope it will help people listening or dancing to this record to loose awareness and control. »
Cover Artwork.

Label. Odd Even 
Artist.  Fabrizio Rat  
Title. Unconscious Mind 
Format. Digital + Vinyl 
Cat.Number. ODDEVENLP02 
Release Date. Dec 3rd, Dec 17th, 2018 
Distribution. Decks Records / I Play Vinyl 


01. Unconscious Mind 
02. Segreto 
03. Nel Vuoto 
04. Furore 
05. I Play The 
06. Lacuna
07. Mistero 
08. La danza 
09. Out of Body 
10. La Sera 
11. Magma 
12. La Rovina 

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