The UK techno duo Posthuman will release their first studio album since 2010.

Rich Bevan & Josh Doherty, the Veteran producers and DJs that conform Posthuman, in action since the late 90\’s, well known in europe for being the residents & bosses at long-running clubnight & vinyl-only label “I Love Acid” are back on the scene and announced that will release Mutant City Acid, their first album in eight years.

Fell in love with their perfectly acid sound and listen to album opener track \”Into Gestalt.\”:

It\’ll come out next month on the UK duo\’s Balkan Vinyl label. The official release date its scheduled for November 26th, 2018 and the UK techno duo describe the album as a \”journey into and through a nightmarish urban sprawl, under the glow of neon skyscrapers in a dystopian near-future.\” The ten-track LP, their first since Syn Emergence, was inspired by the sounds of sci-fi computer games from the late \’80s and early \’90s. It\’ll be available digitally and on randomised coloured vinyl via their own label.

Cover Artwork.


01. Into Gestalt
02. Nightride To New Reno
03. Once Was
04. Gods Of Technology
05. Junk Bonds
06. Raid On Kyoto Quarter
07. Shellworld Industries
08. Abaskun Control
09. Transit System Error
10. Wish Mountain 

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