Juliet Fox releases new EP ‘And find myself’ on her techno label TREGAMBE.

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Review: ‘And find myself’ is the new Juliet Fox EP. The first track ‘Click the button’ has a slow and powerful rhythm, accompanied by deep and dark sounds, careful hihats, strong bass and a repetitive vowel that make this track a hypnotic and euphoric bomb. The second track ‘Find my self’ is the continuation of the previous track, but this time more powerful, less slow and much more versatile. Overall it’s a very good techno EP.

Juliet Fox’s newly-launched techno imprint TREGAMBE begins 2021 with an introspective EP that offers her impressions on digital connections and self-discovery. Entitled \’And find myself\’, the new EP has been released the past March 19, 2021 and is a 2-track bundle that is on fire. Read the full story below.
Launched at the end of last year, Juliet fulfilled an ambition she’d been working towards since running a couple of record labels earlier in her career. Predominantly a hub for her own clubroom-focussed material, she’s liberated by the artistic freedom that comes with nurturing her own label space and running with the sounds that excite her within the techno spectrum.
In utilising TREGAMBE, her Italian surname, it gives her an opportunity to honour and lean into her family heritage through the music and the artwork, which are Juliet’s own painted creations using acrylic on canvas.
The EP kicks off with ‘Click The Button’, a searing track which sees Juliet’s distorted vocals cut through moments of pulsing intensity as she reflects on the way society navigates relationships online, and the apparent ease in which we quickly sever our connections. ’Find Myself’ is one that’s been pulled from a stash of unreleased tracks. Stripping it back, she weaves her vocals through a shimmering synth and moving melody to create a dream-like texture as she touches on themes of transitioning and self-exploration.
Cover Artwork.
Artist. Juliet Fox
Title. And find my self
Format. Digital
Release date. March 19, 2021
1. Click the Button
2. Find Myself

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