The Zürich-based dj and producer Christine Benz has put together an impressive first EP on Micro.fon.

If we talk about discoveries, personally, I always like the releases announced by Micro.fon. Been an label who has focused on Techno & Dark electronic music, its a must, write about their releases. Next October 12th, 2018 \”Full moon EP\” by Christine Benz will be officially out in Micro.fon in Digital format in Deejay,  Beatport and Digdis stores. 

Overview: Welcome to the latest promo from DJ Emerson‘s micro.fon imprint, this time with debutant Christine Benz. The Zürich-based DJ has put together an impressive first EP showcasing her skills as an electronic music producer.
Fullmoon: All synths were built from scratch and automated by hand especially for this tune.

Fullmoon is also included in an edited form by DJ Emerson; adding some heavy kickdrums, bass and ethereal noise.

Vader Mood: A militantly marching tune packed with field recordings of voices and sounds edited with a vocoder. The sinister mood of the track is an homage to the ruthless villain Darth Vader.

Awakening Time: Shifting and modulating an alarm-like sound, extending the tension to the extreme with additional frequencies programmed to influence the subconsciousness, the track reaches a crescendo as it erupts in a collective awakening.

Cover Artwork.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Label. micro.fon
Artist. Christine Benz
Title. Fullmoon EP
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. MF065
Release Date. October 12th, 2018
Distribution. Deejay / Beatport / Digdis

Track List.

01. Fullmoon 

02. Fullmoon (DJ Emerson Edit) 
03. Awakening Time 
04. Vader Mood

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