Discover the biggest release in the history of Native Instruments.

Definitely from a globally recognized brand, such as Native Instruments, we can only expect spectacular things. That is because they together with other major brands, usually take sound engineering to other levels. And this day is not the exception to talk about great news that comes from Native Instruments, and is that the great brand of instruments, has made emphasis on what they call \”The biggest release in its history.\” 

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That\’s right, NI has officially launched the biggest release of its entire history, creating \”an ever-expanding world of gear, sounds, and services\”, because as they say, \”whether making beats from the bedroom, designing sound in the studio, or moving crowds on the main stage, music making is about getting your ideas out Our growing ecosystem of creative tools is designed to help you do just that – no matter your genre or level of experience. the nine newest additions and three major platform updates in our biggest release ever. \”

Meet the equipment basic description:

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A good DJ controller is equally at home in the club and in the studio. This one’s also built for the beach, the bus, the airport, and just about anywhere else you can take your backpack. Yours for $299.00.

Meet Maschine Mk3’s streamlined sibling, the Mikro. This bite-sized box gets you from creative spark to fire beat faster than you can say \”ultra-responsive, RGB-backlit, velocity-sensitive pads\”. So when inspiration knocks, your beats will too.

Looks like a piano, feels like a piano, sounds like whatever you want it to. The latest version of our flagship keyboard controller pairs the best hammer-action keybed around with vivid visual feedback and intuitive control over your entire workflow.

We could tell you how many sounds are included, how big the sample libraries are, and how much money you save with our biggest collection of instruments and effects to date. But we’ll get to that. What really matters is your sound – and it’s somewhere in one of these boxes.

The synth that spawned a subculture is a tough act to follow, but the forthcoming sequel is more extreme, more expressive, and more expandable in every way. Available from February 2019, Massive X is the stuff of sound designers’ dreams.

First sampling changed music, then Kontakt changed sampling. Now, the sixth generation of the world’s favourite sampler shakes things up again with new builder tools and brand-new kinds of instruments – from perfectly recreated vintage synths to otherworldly electronic/organic hybrids. 

Imagine a DJ controller that lets you feel your mix: The S4’s brand-new Haptic Drive™ motorized jog wheels zap cue points, loop markers, and more direct to your fingertips. And that’s just the beginning.

Back in 2001, Traktor was the first DJ software to conquer the dancefloor. Nearly two decades on, Traktor Pro 3 steps into the booth with punchier sound; powerful one-knob Mixer FX; and a sharper, clearer interface.

Whether you’re scoring a film, making a podcast, or producing a trap beat, is your go-to source for loops and samples – and it’s now available around the world. Try for free, then sign up to access an ever-growing library with fresh releases and exclusive artist content added weekly. Prices start from just $/€ 9.99 per month.

Now a part of the NI family, The Loop Loft is a boutique sample shop with one simple aim: To make the world’s best session musicians available for your next project. Discover a growing collection of royalty-free loops, performed by high-profile artists and recorded in pro studios by some of the best engineers in the business. 100% human and 100% royalty free.

Metapop is a place for sharing, connecting, and collaborating with other music makers. Now with a new look and an improved user experience, we’ve made it faster and easier than ever to upload your tracks, join groups, chat, receive feedback, and win big with regular remix competitions. Join now for free.

So what are you waiting for, find out about all this new range of instruments and novelties that Native Instruments put at our disposal by following the direct link to the NI website

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*All the images and illustrations that were used to make this publication come from the official website of Native Insturments, and belong to its author, they were used in this page only for informative purposes.

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