Must read: Resident Advisor´s -The art of DJing: James Zabiela- by Ryan Keeling.

I invite our dear readers to read (you\’re going to love this) a recent published article that deserves a hundred points and definitely a must read in your feeds. Very interesting reading, very complete, sharing the knowledge of a guest to stay with your mouth open. In words of Ryan Keeling, just published today Wed, 5 Sep 2018 in Resident Advisor, with a title that basically says everything \”Ryan Keeling meets a DJ who\’s pushing technology to its limits.\”  

The article writed by Ryan K. starts with these words: \”There\’s an interesting paradox at play in James Zabiela\’s DJing. He is, on the one hand, a futurist, a DJ who embraces the latest technology and shows others its infinite possibilities.\” For me is always a pleasure to read something about my favorite artists, and this article is not the exception, i have to recognize that it blow my mind, as you may know, is all about meeting James Zabiela, a Dj and Producer that i personally follow since i was at the age of 15, where at the begginings of my love with house music, i remember Zabiela, Hernan Cattaneo or John Digweed as the ones that with their particular sound and sense of music, made me love the scene, and as today, they continue surprising me.  

\”When Pioneer are deciding which features to include on their latest mixer, they call Zabiela.\” – Ryan Keeling. 

\”Zabiela\’s style feels particularly unique when you consider the time and place he came from. Back in the early 2000s, when progressive house was a dominant dance music genre, he was known as a protégé of Sasha, one of the sound\’s leading DJs. Across the previous decade, artists like Sasha and John Digweed developed a mixing style that prized long, harmonic blends. This captured Zabiela\’s imagination, but before long he was cultivating a technique of his own, one that widened the scope of progressive house to include breakbeats and electro, and was delivered with jaw-dropping technical flair. Audiences around the world grew to love him for it, but when I visited Zabiela in Southampton recently, he reflected on his longstanding approach and its effect on dance floors.\” When i read this particular paragraph, i knew i was not going to stop reading the whole article, trust me, this is something youre going to loce, you probably already know about this because everyone read Resident Advisor, but in case your not cheking it, come on! lets go there and read the full article in the RA portal following the next link to it:  link:

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