Exclusive Interview featuring Lampé.

For the Fourth installment of our interview series, we introduce Lampe.

As always, we are excited to present a new episode of the Living Techno Interview series, again collaborating with Freakquency Productions In Guatemala. These guys have arranged an exclusive interview and mix with the Dj and Producer from Hamburg, Lampé.

This outstanding artist describes his music as “something in between techno, minimal or deep tunes… he is experienced in subharmonics, cooking emotions and surprises he brings groove and energy to the tunes’. Having released music in Alula Tunes, Mirror, Phobos, Ballroom, Music4Aliens or Techgnosis Records, every track is one of a kind with his typical signature.

Listen below to Lampé’s exclusive set for Freakquency Transmissions Volume 10:

On the occasion of the tremendous Freakquency Transmissions Volume 10 that had as a guest Lampé, who undoubtedly is an inspiration for many, especially for the Freakquency crew, here is a little talk we had with him, which you will surely find very interesting. Read below. 

Hello Alex, it is a great honor for us to get to know more about yourself, your journey and your music, first of all, let’s start this interview by asking you in which part of the world you are answering this interview.

Hi. Thank you very much for the invite. I’ve been based in Hamburg / Germany since my birth. I love this city, but I also love to travel a lot to show my music to people and see different cultures.

Why “Lampé”, does it have a deeper meaning?

That’s A good question ☺ There are two reasons. I was living for some years next to the “Lampé-Street” in Hamburg and I have a master degree in event technology, specialized in lighting. I’m still working for theatre- and concert-productions as lightdesigner and executive for health & safety.

Tell us more about when you started producing electronic music and about your journey as a producer?

Back in the 90s I was playing the guitar in a rockband and started to visit first electronic music-events around 95. Around 98 I started Djing music and also music production with synthesizers. From 2005 on I was touring with former project around the globe to play big festivals and well known venues. In 2017 I felt it was time to change and I started to create Lampé. Now after around three years, it slowly gets established to some listeners.

How has 2020 been for you as an artist? And in which ways has the global pandemic changed your lifestyle?

2020 changed a lot, as my regular life in the event-industry was shut down more or less completely. At the end it also opened many new doors to me, as I had much more free time to produce a lot of music and spend more time with my family. Hopefully regular touring will be back around the end of 2021 beginning 2022, because sometimes it’s hard to create music without any feedback from the dancefloors. I’m not a big fan of streaming, as a musician needs the interaction with a crowd, but at the moment it’s the only way to showcase new material.

How is the actual status of live events/ clubs/ festivals where you live? Are they starting to open again?

Currently (March 2021) all clubs, restaurants and event locations in Germany are shut down. There are plans to re-open this summer season, but the decision will be made by politicians. There are already lots of good concepts for “safe” outdoor-events and I’m also working on law-proof concepts for some companies to get the event-industry back to work.

What do you miss the most about playing live in festivals or clubs?

To play in front of people helps a lot to see how my tracks work. This improves the next production for sure. I like to create various moods and try to make experiments with my tracks. It’s A pleasure to see people digging the vibe and also it’s good to see which track is more for home listening than the dancefloor. Nothing is better than people smiling in front of the stage.

Why Minimal Techno?

That’s A good question. Years ago I was doing more high BPM stuff, like 136-142. As I´m not getting younger I fell in love with slower stuff. I have no clue, if my music is minimal… Some shops release it as Peak Time, some as melodic, some as minimal. At least it´s music.

How would you describe your sound?

Sometimes dark, sometimes happy, sometimes uplifting, sometimes sad. It always depends on my mood in the studio. Set and setting influences me a lot. Whenever I work in the studio, I start with an empty sheet. The sound forms itself and gets my handwriting automatic. I love to play with different sounds and genres, so anything can happen… Never care about genres!

Have you always played only your own music?

Since I started my own music production I played only my sound. I was also DJing for some years next to it, but I feel more happy with my own music. I love to see peoples reactions to my tunes even if they don’t like it. Playing other peoples tunes is for sure a kind of handcraft, but to present your own work is another level. Your own music makes you unique in this market. There are many artists you will recognize during the first 30 seconds of a track. Try to be yourself!

How did you started with Alula Tunes?

In 2019 me and Carbon had a massive musical output and labels were not able to work with us in this tempo. There were also black sheeps on the market who did not send proper statements or try to fool us. This was the day when I started Alula Tunes. We wanted to deliver a label in this market with top-notch conditions for artists, proper statements and a good communication. Up till now we had more than 70 releases and will have the 100th during this summer. Today Alula Tunes is our self made homebase.

What music genre or bands were your favorite in your younger years?

My first tape was from Status Quo, when I was 5 years old, but I never had any special genre or band to listen to. I loved more or less all kinds of music as long as it was not full of swear words or telling only about bad things. Nowadays I listen a lot to rock music, pop music, blues and hip hop (the funny one, not the gangster stuff). It’s important to be open minded to music to get inspired otherwise you will be stuck in your genre one day.

Is there a different music genre from what you produce, which helps you to acquire inspiration for certain sounds or combinations of sounds?

I do quite a lot of different stuff. Latest was my new project on around 105 BPM slow techno, music for a theatre-play and also hip hop-beats. I always experiment with new sounds and try to combine them without thinking about a genre. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. My harddrive is full with around 500 unfinished projects. One day I will open them again and maybe have the right day to finish them.

Where do you find inspiration for the creative process of creating a track from scratch?

Every Time I open an empty project on my computer I try to start working in a different way. One day I start with a beat and bass, another day I create melody and harmony first. Sometimes I start building the main part of a track and another day I start with the intro and work linear. This is a simple way to break your own schemes in the studio and be creative. For example, after a 1 month creative hole, I decided to change my DAW and the ice was broken again.You can not force inspiration. There are weeks in which I can’t even build a beat or melody. Everything feels not in the right way and I leave the studio without any result. Years ago I was frustrated without a result in a studioday, today I know that maybe tomorrow will be better.

How have you seen the latest development and growth of the Minimal Techno scene and its subgenres all around the world?

I’m pretty new to this genre, but it looks growing. Good to see more people getting involved in new styles and listening open minded.

Have you ever heard, visited or known something about our country, Guatemala?

For sure I know Guatemala and with my old Project I also had some booking-requests. Unfortunately the tour did not happen. I was touring middle-america quite often, but more mexico and costa rica. Looking forward to visit Guatemala one day and as I love good food I’ll be surprised about the first local Pepián ☺

And for the last one, please tell us three pieces of advice you would tell the young producers who are getting started into the electronic music World.

That’s not easy… First: Don’t try to copy someone. I know it is easy to cover music or rebuild it, but it is not yours! Try to create your own style to be unique, because you will feel better with it and it will last much longer. Second: Always be polite and not snobbish, even if you have success with your first steps. Nobody likes people with that attitude. Third: See music as a hobby! Sometimes you can be successful, but think about the time after your success… I always handled music as my hobby and it will stay forever in this status.

Thank you a lot for your time.

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