X/OZ offers the debut solo release by OHM ‘Seidingur EP’.

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The Copenhagen-based artist OHM is ready to put out a brilliant debut solo release of atmospheric dub techno under the label X/OZ Music. The EP titled ‘Seidingur’ is a 4-track bundle that features dub essential sounds accompanied by well elaborated techno elements. The release date has been settled for March 25th, 2021, stay tuned because this EP features nothing but serious original music. Find below full details.

OHM has impressive catalog of releases already and is well-known within the dub techno scene. One thing has united his previous releases and that’s the fact they have been done in collaboration with others – such as with Exos, Octal Industries and Kvadrant. Now X/OZ offers the debut solo release by OHM – and what a beauty it is!
Side A begins with Going Back, an enigmatic & atmospheric dub journey. The track slowly unravels with dub chords and glacial pads captivating the listener and ultimately creating an universe of impenetrable soundscapes. Next is As We See It Coming, a late-night club scorcher. It\’s dark and heavy – and absolutely relentless.
The flipside starts with Fever, a fast percussion-based techno banger. The EP is rounded up by Seidingur, a minimalistic and meditative work that slowly expands and elucitades into a broad atmospheric techno anthem – a perfect soundtrack to a sunrise after a busy summer night at the club.
The debut solo EP by OHM has been long time in the making and finally the results have been broadcasted into the cosmos. This is a must for fans of out-of-box techno with elements of atmospheric dub. An essential for the crate-diggers.
XOZ has been operating since 2017 and is this the ninth release so far. Also operating under the same regime is the side-label Planet X, where the more harder side of techno is explored. Both of the labels are the brainchild of the Icelandic techno artist Exos.
Cover Artwork.


Artist. OHM
Title. Seidingur EP
Label. X/OZ Music
Release Date : March 25th, 2021
Catalog Number. XOZ009
A1 Going Back
A2 As We See It Coming
B1 Shiva
B2 Seidingur

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