møziz presents his debut double LP ‘E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles’ on Collection Disques Durs.

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It’s a pleasure to announce møziz‘s debut double LP titled ‘E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles’ is landing on Montréal’s Collection Disques Durs imprint this March (26th March 2021). 
The double album of nineteen tracks is a truly avant-garde electronic music journey that puts out together electronics with elements from genres such as ambient, R&B, and more. Find full details below.
møziz, a Montréal-based artist originating from the Ivory Coast, is a self-taught polymath whose work explores the delicate balance between settings, cultures, and fashion. Stretched generously across a double LP, the artist delivers a mammoth nineteen track journey for his debut album ‘E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles’.
Across the LP, møziz demonstrates his ability to distil his influences into emotive, engaging, and varied electronica, as exemplified on ‘Fallingisgrowing’, which sees vivid claps and flanged shakers shine through a bed of dynamic synthesis and vocal slices.
‘I composed this song in April 2019, and since then so many evolutions have taken place. In the beginning, the song was called \”fall\”. With more learning and experience, I reopened the project during the first lockdown in 2020. I\’m used to exploring different palettes of emotions. The emotions that come out in this song emerged during a period of recession that we all experienced around the world.’ – ​møziz
Elsewhere on the release, from the shuffling and crisp opener ‘Humankind’ to the closing vocoder laced number ‘Let it go’, møziz’s skill for crafting profoundly warm and personal music is abundant across all nineteen tracks.
By bringing together disparate elements from genres such as ambient, R&B, and more, møziz provides a wide-ranging yet laser-focused sonic palette for his debut LP, providing ample proof of unique and multi-faceted talent to watch closely.
møziz ‘E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles’ drops on Collection Disques Durs on 26th March. Lead single ‘Butterflyeffects\’ is out on 19th March.
Founded in 2018 in Montréal, Courage Holdings is an artist management and production company that curates Piknic Electronik and Igloofest. With their new record label Collection Disques Durs, Courage now reinvents itself, focusing its efforts towards artistic content production.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: møziz
Title: E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles
Label: Collection Disques Durs
Release date: 26th March 2021
Cat No: CDD002
Format: Vinyl / Digital
01 ​Humankind
02 Time Machine (the Night of My Life)
03 Contrøl Frëak
04 Crow
05 When I Can\’t Stand I Float
06 Oosx
07 Uniformity Leads to Demise
08 Breakfaast@midnight
09 War
10 War (emo – edit)
11 Raid
12 R.I.P@U / Messiah
13 Butterflyeffects
14 Somuchmoreaware
15 Fallingisgrowing
16 12:34
17 Computerismypiano (Pt. 1)
18 Open letter (Computerismypiano Pt. 2)
19 Let it go

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