Shackleton is presenting his third solo album ‘Departing Like Rivers‘, a 7-track LP piece due out September 3rd in Vinyl and Digital formats via Woe To The Septic Heart!, Shackleton’s record label that he started in 2010 for releasing his own stuff. This album follows the producer’s latest as Tunes Of Negation (ft Heather Leight, Takumi Motokawa, Raphael Meinhart), and in collaboration with Wacław Zimpel.


Having released his last LP via Ostgut Ton back in 2016, and following up this year’s ‘Say It Loud’ EP on Token, Luke Slater‘s most influential alter ego Planetary Assault Systems announced for this october 2021 a new full length titled ‘Sky Scraping‘, that features a wealth of brand new very proper productions. On the new LP, Slater draws on studio material but also components recorded during the PAS live show.


The Italian artist and producer Giuseppe Sciretti aka Nigh/T\mare is showcasing out more of his enthusiasthic and unique blend of dark aesthetics, lush atmospherics, and techno beats. Next month on September 10th Nigh/T\mare lands on Thrènes Records from Switzerland to present his new 10-track album entitled ‘Katharsis’.


  1. Impure
  2. Self Immolation
  3. Anti Balaka
  4. Unarmed
  5. Unavoidable Unveiling
  6. Doomed to Struggle feat. Prophän
  7. The Summoning feat. LAIR
  8. The Path of the Moans
  9. Impure (Pact Infernal Remix)
  10. The Summoning feat. LAIR (Torn Relics Remix)

Label: Thrènes Records
Artist: Nigh/T\mare
Remixers: Pact Infernal, Torn Relics
Title: Katharsis
Format: LP
Release Formats: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date Digital: September 10th, 2021
Cat. No. THRNS006
Distribution: Triple Vision Record Distribution

Musician and filmmaker Domingæ makes her appearance in Sacred Bones Records with a new debut solo album titled ‘Æ‘. The LP is due out September 10 in digital & October 10 in vinyl.

Written and recorded across different locations, ‘Æ‘ sound is a beautiful mixture between groovy, hypnotic, darkening electronic & a minimal sound yet rich in textures. It’s definitely our duty to recommend this very impressive upcoming LP.

“Music that hears you, inside of Æ, you are the music hearing the relentless heartbeats of our decaying biotechnological avatars.”

— Domingæ

Listen below to the sophomore single ‘Archaeans’, which features in this album and read the full story.


Jeff Mills label ‘Axis Records‘ never seems to disappoint with the selection of avant-garde music release after release. Now the legendary imprint welcomes Hemissi (also known as 13130 Space project), who presents a beautiful cosmic/sci-fi techno 9-track LP that has been entitled ‘Primitive Atom‘. The concept behind this album relies on the chronology of the universe since it began. All stages until today.

This record is definitely a big achievement for Hemissi’s phenomenal sound, that goes very well with the label style. ‘Primitive Atom‘ is going to be released this August 27 via Axis, and it’s our duty to highly recommend it. Lear more about this concept album below.


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The Paris-born artist, Casual Treatment arrives into the Jeff Mill’s imprint Axis, with a very interesting avant-garde and futuristic album that explores the different elements behind this query through some concepts used to seek to discover what made existence on Earth possible. The 18-Track LP entitled ‘The Appearance Of Life‘ is coming out on August 6th, 2021 digitally. Stay tuned, full detail below.


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Coming out as a tribute to the nature around his hometown, Calgary, Ryan James Ford is releasing an album on Clone/Dub Recordings at the beginning of september. The 14-track record has been entitled ‘Exshaw‘, and showcases beautiful sounds from Ford’s formative experiences in the nature surrounding his hometown of Calgary, Canada, taking its name from a hamlet west of the city. The official release date for the album has been set for September 6th, 2021, and it will be available as a double-vinyl LP and digitally. Full Details below.  

Listen below clips of Exshaw.



A1 / 1. Washing My Hands
A2 / 2. Let Them Bleed
A3 / 3. Paralyzing
B1 / 4. Nothing And No One
B2 / 5. Meat
C1 / 6. Join Us In Paradise
C2 / 7. Hanoi Hanoi
D1 / 8. Guiltless
D2 / 9. Theme From Streetwalker
D3 / 10. Under Skin

Artist. Regis / Female
Title. Againstnature
Cat#. TRESOR147
Format. 2×12″ / Digital
Label. Tresor
Release date. October 15th, 2021

Maxime Dangles broadens his sound palette with his second album on Skryptöm Chanfleury, showcasing a softer sound leaning towards electronica.


1 – Robinson
2 – Scarron
3 – Pariscope
4 – Vélizy
5 – Clamart
6 – La Coulée Verte
7 – Cascades
8 – Parc de Sceaux
9 – Gigi
10 – Fontenay
11 – Chatillon Mountrouge
12 – L’Oiseau Rose

Artist. Maxime Dangles
Title. Chanfleury LP
Label. Skryptöm
Format: 2xCD / Digital
Release Date: July 30th 2021

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The experimental producer/musician Ziúr is delivering her third album under the Ziúr moniker. The ten-track LP can be described as a soundtrack of fantastical and magical music, as it is a conceptual response to the times and the people close to the producer, where she has never sounded so free. ‘Antifate‘ will be available via PAN on both vinyl and digital formats from May 7th. Find full details below.


Listen & buy album: Link

It’s a pleasure to announce møziz‘s debut double LP titled ‘E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles’ is landing on Montréal’s Collection Disques Durs imprint this March (26th March 2021). 
The double album of nineteen tracks is a truly avant-garde electronic music journey that puts out together electronics with elements from genres such as ambient, R&B, and more. Find full details below.
møziz, a Montréal-based artist originating from the Ivory Coast, is a self-taught polymath whose work explores the delicate balance between settings, cultures, and fashion. Stretched generously across a double LP, the artist delivers a mammoth nineteen track journey for his debut album ‘E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles’.
Across the LP, møziz demonstrates his ability to distil his influences into emotive, engaging, and varied electronica, as exemplified on ‘Fallingisgrowing’, which sees vivid claps and flanged shakers shine through a bed of dynamic synthesis and vocal slices.
‘I composed this song in April 2019, and since then so many evolutions have taken place. In the beginning, the song was called \”fall\”. With more learning and experience, I reopened the project during the first lockdown in 2020. I\’m used to exploring different palettes of emotions. The emotions that come out in this song emerged during a period of recession that we all experienced around the world.’ – ​møziz
Elsewhere on the release, from the shuffling and crisp opener ‘Humankind’ to the closing vocoder laced number ‘Let it go’, møziz’s skill for crafting profoundly warm and personal music is abundant across all nineteen tracks.
By bringing together disparate elements from genres such as ambient, R&B, and more, møziz provides a wide-ranging yet laser-focused sonic palette for his debut LP, providing ample proof of unique and multi-faceted talent to watch closely.
møziz ‘E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles’ drops on Collection Disques Durs on 26th March. Lead single ‘Butterflyeffects\’ is out on 19th March.
Founded in 2018 in Montréal, Courage Holdings is an artist management and production company that curates Piknic Electronik and Igloofest. With their new record label Collection Disques Durs, Courage now reinvents itself, focusing its efforts towards artistic content production.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: møziz
Title: E-møtion: Time Machine + Cycles
Label: Collection Disques Durs
Release date: 26th March 2021
Cat No: CDD002
Format: Vinyl / Digital
01 ​Humankind
02 Time Machine (the Night of My Life)
03 Contrøl Frëak
04 Crow
05 When I Can\’t Stand I Float
06 Oosx
07 Uniformity Leads to Demise
08 Breakfaast@midnight
09 War
10 War (emo – edit)
11 Raid
12 R.I.P@U / Messiah
13 Butterflyeffects
14 Somuchmoreaware
15 Fallingisgrowing
16 12:34
17 Computerismypiano (Pt. 1)
18 Open letter (Computerismypiano Pt. 2)
19 Let it go

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Have you listened before to the music released in the labe TUTU, if you haven\’t, this is a good time to meet this very modest proposal, a platform for artists with a different mindset and simple at the same time, without taboos or egos, this platform is always seeking for Techno music with style and personality adapted to changing times.
The next release on the label is Edgar de Ramon’s long play debut album which has been produced during lockdown between Barcelona and the Ebro Delta. The album titled ‘De Tu a Tu’ is set to be released on March 8th, 2021 trough TUTU. Read below the full story and listen to the track titled ‘Edgar De Ramon – Rave Again
Through its 8 tracks, De Tu a Tu evinces a social culture still based and impregnated by the foundations of colonialism, which prevents us to move forward to plural and different world, free of borders and excessive control eagerness. There is no space for reflection in this era of frenetic digital revolution framed in a society of fierce consumption. Our data is coveted for their trade to keep on feeding a capitalist system that can even afford to tell us what to watch on TV (does Netflix sound familiar?). The globalization of poverty. In front of this call for and alienated integration, we should rise up by going for what is different and loving it. De Tu a Tu.
The cinematic-like New Territories serves as an introduction from an ambient vision of Edgar de Ramon’s countersigning techno sound. With I Love the Difference everything is exposed. From its first bass beat, it urges us to wake up from the Covid-19 increased lethargy and to dance, with a clear message: love the difference, it will make you free. Flying Data also digs into the premise of not allowing anything to influence our vital decisions, especially those related to consumption.
In Constant Movement, one sees Detroit all over, although the iron landscape of Birmingham can also be appreciated through a sharp cut of brawny techno that progresses among blinding metallic hints, a true bomb in the dance floor. Edgar de Ramón shows us his absolute mastery in all techno registers with Deeper Underground, where the vast intertwines the underground and the result is another anabolic superb release containing voices that mutate every beat.
Contemporary Practices dives into the idea that, nowadays, contemporary implies some risks, experimentation and constant transformation. Its gliding melody is achieved with a last-generation modular synthesizer and it evolves constantly through the whole song with no apparent pattern. Relative Time starts with a bass beat in the form of a hammer ready to smash bad consciences and stir rebel bodies. The echoes of Sci-fi tech on it conspire to have us look into our inner cosmos, imagining the future.
Finally, with Rave Again, the DJ and producer encourages us to break through the general alienation to make our hopes come true. Among them, of course, dancing and hugging again until dawn. Acid, funny, and typical from the nineties, echoing those raves that made us so happy once.
De Tu a Tu is dedicated to Edgar De Ramon’s family and friends. Special Thanks to Josep Vidal, Aleix Jaramillo & Alfred Calvet. Tracks Deeper Underground, Relative Time, Flying Data & Rave Again mixed at Gimeno Studio, Spain. Mastered at Perla Audio – Mixing & Mastering Studio, Germany.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Edgar De Ramo
Title: De Tu a Tu
Format: LP
Label: TUTU
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: March 8th, 2021
Cat. No. TUTU012
Distribution: Pressology
Edgar De Ramon – New Territories
Edgar De Ramon – I Love The Difference
Edgar De Ramon – Constant Movement
Edgar De Ramon – Deeper Underground
Edgar De Ramon – Contemporary Practices
Edgar De Ramon – Relative Time
Edgar De Ramon – Flying Data
Edgar De Ramon – Rave Again

Vinyl: link

Review: With genuine cuts of pure music, Jeff Mills presents his new album of 15 tracks ‘The Clairvoyant’ that features nothing but only avant-garde electronic music combined with Jazz, Techno, Experimental sounds, Metaphysics and Spiritualism, all this elements make this LP a sound journey from another galaxy, which must be heard from beginning to end. I must say that with this album, Jeff Mills gives us a class on how to produce music, in an extraordinary way. Amazing.


Pre order: Soon at or Beatport.

Review: With ‘Liber Secretus’, Christian Hornbostel showcases, -in my personal opinion-, some of his finest tunes done. Since the very beginning of the LP, with the intro track ‘Synchronia et Diachronia’, until the outro, ‘Sapere Aude’, this albums never aparts from its banging techno groove, while the producer, track by track, explores a wide and elegant range of hypnotic and surrealistic beats, that conform a sophisticated structure of sound for this album divided in 14 outstanding track. Great album.


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Review: With ‘The Beauty And The Sea’, Steve Rachmad exteriorizes a feeling and a modern sound, very proper of his productions.  With this album, Rachmad drives the listener in a clear highway of eight beautiful tracks, each one with their own history, compiling at the end, a perfect established progression of luxury music based on electronic, ambient, classical, and hip-hop rhythms. The intensity and delicacy of electronic music mixed with feelings, makes each of the tracks an essential sonic odyssey, that for sure gives a proper welcome to the concept that combines music and journalism. Excellent!

Read the full story and listen The Beauty and The Sea (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina) below.


Committed to talk about the mos avant garde music on the planet, here is a finding that must call your attention, if you are looking for dreamlike electronic and instrumental soundscapes accompanied with proper majestic vocals. 

Donato Scaramuzzi (Donato Dozzy) and Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) debut new project ‘Il Quadro di Troisi’ and release synth-pop album on Raster in collaboration with the experimental and sustainable festival Terraforma, following a long time relationship the festival established with Donato during its 6 editions.