Steve Rachmad release a new album titled ‘The Beauty And The Sea’, where he combines music and journalism.

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Review: With ‘The Beauty And The Sea’, Steve Rachmad exteriorizes a feeling and a modern sound, very proper of his productions.  With this album, Rachmad drives the listener in a clear highway of eight beautiful tracks, each one with their own history, compiling at the end, a perfect established progression of luxury music based on electronic, ambient, classical, and hip-hop rhythms. The intensity and delicacy of electronic music mixed with feelings, makes each of the tracks an essential sonic odyssey, that for sure gives a proper welcome to the concept that combines music and journalism. Excellent!

Read the full story and listen The Beauty and The Sea (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina) below.

When you know the long career history of a guy like Steve Rachmad, A Dj and Producer that is constantly reinventing himself… you know his music, arts and other fields of humanity he works on, are always on point.
Now, Steve Rachmad will release his next album titled \’The Beauty and The Sea\’, this is a \”first-of-its-kind\” collaboration melding music and journalism.
The album features eight tracks inspired by reporting from “The Outlaw Ocean,” Ian Urbina’s New York Times best-selling book exploring a diversity of human rights, labor, and environmental abuses occurring at sea. Contributing artists—which includes Teen Daze, Appleblim and Senyawa—have incorporated an archive of field recordings that Urbina has built during his five years at sea into their releases.
\”The release forms part of the Outlaw Ocean Music Project, a collection of records from 250 artists created using sound clips from Urbina’s audio library of field recordings from his reporting. The clips include a variety of textured and often rhythmic sounds, from machine gun fire on the coast of Somalia to chanting from captive deckhands on the South China Sea. The records span electronic, ambient, classical, and hip-hop, and they’ll be released every other month.
Similar to a soundtrack setting the scene for a movie, the Outlaw Ocean Music Project gives depth and meaning to the field recordings, we’re told. Each track embodies a backstory, spreading the same message about the ocean and the need to stop certain abuses.\”
The Outlaw Ocean Music Project will release The Beauty And The Sea on October 9th, 2020.
Cover Artwork.
Artist. Steve Rachmad
Title. The Beauty And The Sea
Release date. October 9th, 2020.
Label. The Outlaw Ocean Music Project
Format. Digital
01. In Peaceful Protest Part I
02. Theme For The Outlaw Ocean
03. The Seas And The World\’s Oceans
04. The Beauty And The Sea
05. In Peaceful Protest Part II
06. Hope And Optimism
07. In Peaceful Protest Part III
08. More Hope And More Optimism

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