Miss Electric holds on old-school techno in her new EP titled ‘They Left The Planet’ (Incl. a remix by Greencross).


Review: With ‘They Left The Planet’ EP, Miss Electric materializes a very well crafted old-school techno piece. The four original tracks contained on this release have something in common, it’s the endless energie and kicks bouncing to the speed of the classic techno sound. Track by track this EP traps you into a hypnotic circle of hard kicks and powerful hints of beautiful noise. This is Techno at its finest made for the dancefloor. 

After witnessing a strange sighting in the night sky on the first day of 2020\’s lockdown, Miss Electric produced “They Left The Planet”, an EP including four original techno tracks bundled with a remix by Greencross. Different Is Different Records will release the EP digitally on October 26th, 2020. 

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