Ryan James Ford reveals his new LP, ‘Exshaw’.

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Coming out as a tribute to the nature around his hometown, Calgary, Ryan James Ford is releasing an album on Clone/Dub Recordings at the beginning of september. The 14-track record has been entitled ‘Exshaw‘, and showcases beautiful sounds from Ford’s formative experiences in the nature surrounding his hometown of Calgary, Canada, taking its name from a hamlet west of the city. The official release date for the album has been set for September 6th, 2021, and it will be available as a double-vinyl LP and digitally. Full Details below.  

Listen below clips of Exshaw.

Ryan and his productions founded a solid home on the legendary Clone records from Rotterdam, like the recently 12-inch EP ‘Kaki’ that was released on the label in June this year, which has also recently been home to work from Aleksi Perälä, Jodey Kendrick and Quadratschulz.

He also has production’s on Nina Kraviz’s TRIP, Anetha’s Mama Told Ya, Ellen Allien’s We Are Not Alone, Ida’s SÄVY, Marcel Dettmann’s MDR, Tale of Us’s Afterife, Answer Code Request’s ACR, Dream Ticket, and his own label SHUT.

The upcoming ‘Exshaw’ LP is definitely a double-vinyl LP you want to have. Stay tuned.

Exshaw… the haunted place where folks go missing in inexplicable ways, where ravers throw open air summer parties in the woods, where the raw nature shows its esoteric side to the explorative youth, an escape from the city. The inspiration for Ryan James Ford’s debut album is also a tribute to time spent exploring there in his past! After living in Berlin for some years now he came to realisation of how much influence nature and the area surrounding his hometown (Calgary) had on him. Ryan has captured his experiences and musical influences over the years. Growing up in an area were the contrast of nature and technology was more than palpable. Stories of haunted areas, swimming in the cold river water, going to raves in the nineties. Exploration, optimism, youth and growing… His memories surrounding ’Exshaw’ are all translated in the sound design and programming on this 14 track album ranging from almost cinematic pieces to full on dancefloor belters. Artwork by Delphine Lejeune & Jonathan Castro.

Artist. Ryan James Ford
Title. Exshaw
Label. Clone/Dub Recordings
Release date. September 6th, 2021.
Format. Double-vinyl LP / Digital


  1. Tr41N1Ng D4Y
  2. Seebe Exit 2
  3. Kaki Promethazine Mix
  4. Slushie
  5. Honey Hole 4th Cut
  6. Reset 11 R2
  7. Avant Guaze
  8. Lost And Found
  9. Rad145
  10. No Step L24A 7J6
  11. Max Bell
  12. Multigrade Rc Deluxe
  13. D614G
  14. Jumping Pound Creek

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