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The only thing constant in life is change; a constant cycle of adaptation and rearrangements. The power to dictate how those changes affect your life is in your hands and in your heart. Undying hard work on whatever it is you love to do, a spirit of optimism, and always surrounding yourself with positive friends and goosebump-ilicious music is the key to alleviate the stressors of change.

Those principles run deep in San Diego DJ and Burning Man enthusiast, Marbs. Everything changed for Marbs during a music festival in college when he saw Lee Burridge at the civic center in San Francisco during Love Fest, back when they still brought burning man art cars and parades through the city. That experience changed his musical outlook tremendously and ever since, Marbs has surrounded himself with that deep, tribal, sexy goodness.

As papa bear for the Desert hearts crew and a resident sexecutive DJ for Lovelife, Marbs is continually on the cutting edge of deep house and techno music. Inspired by Burning Man, this playa connoisseur, along with his band of desert dancing junkies, host a slew of underground open air gatherings; including Desert Hearts. His sound can be described as deep, dark, sexy, and tech. With dream-like melodies and hard thumping beats, Marbs takes you on a musical journey each and every time he touches the decks.

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