D-Leria Biography.

Create chaos in the dancefloor, with a purely underground style and deeply inspired by parallel and psychedelic feelings. Compactness, depth and density of sound and much adrenaline going to merge into a propulsive progression, a classic sound but never granted. As a teenager he immediately begins to show a great interest in electronic music, beginning to collect a lot of Hardcore and Acid records. In 2003, he starts his career in the studio producing Hardcore, achieving international success and performing at major events and festivals. In 2014 he produces something different from the usual, something he had long desired for. And thus D-Leria came to life. He starts playing immediately as resident Dj at Affekt club, in the 2014/15 season. “Confusion” is one of his first EPs which released on the Australian label Darknet, with remixes by Stanislav Tolkachev, Pinion and Alex Bau, followed by “Somewhere In Space“, released on Nachtstrom Schallplatten, ”Swarm” on Gynoid Audio and a feature track for Children Of Tomorrow. 
In 2017 he found Delirio, hosting artists such as Stanislav Tolkackev, Roberto Bosco, Plaster, Retina.it and more, with the aim of spreading a single message: the live recording. Particularly interesting his live hybrid where, together with 2 turntables using various drum machines, manages to always create something new in real time, being able to completely rid, managing every single parameter, rhythm and melody with the use of its hands knowing how to use their imagination and pulling it out using instruments so different from each other. A mix of genres, groove, feelings that have in common the same adrenaline rush that you notice in each set and in its production

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