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Antonio De Angelis  dj, producer and remixer in constant evolution, is always looking for new targets and more challenges, experimenting uncommon paths and inventing innovative languages. Eclectic, creative, curious and involving, has a unique style which transmits passion and adrenaline, dreams and emotions. His sets are marked by the art of sound manipulation and style pollution, challenging standards and prejudices, playing wisely with technology and everything that enables him to change and produce music reworks. Antonio doesn’t aim to classify his sound within precise boundaries, but it’s quite easy to perceive strong house roots with contemporary techno and deep inflections. Antonio De Angelis was born in the south of Italy in 1980, in 2000 he moved to London and he has became one of the few italian artists emerging in the elctro music in the UK…

He started his career with the name of Toni D and he has steadly worked with many international artists and labels, and he has been influenced by Tony Humpries, Frankie Knuckles, Kenny Carpter, etc… In Summer 1999 Antonio moved to Ibiza where his passion for music got stronger, and in November 2000 he moved difinately to London where with his huge and genuine passion for music he managed to dj in the best parties in London, at fabric, onemore, tbar, halfbaked, minimal hospital, zum, etc…….Like this he became dj resident at Kubicle, one of the best after party in the capital. Thanks to this he started to get known as a dj and producer by artists like Loco Dice, Mandy, Marco Carola, Villalobos and many more. At the same time he met Luciano Esse and started a production colalboration with him and with many releases in many labels such as material series, safari electronique, Trapez, etc..

Working with Kubicle he refined his style and technique by also playing in many parties around the world, such as Ibiza, Miami, Berlin, etc… After some releases with the label Safari, he met Arnaul de Texier, they became friends and started a collaboration… Afetr 3 years, in collaboration with the Minimal Hospital group he decided to launch his first party zum, in east London. In 2010 he produced with labels such as off recording, tenax, climatic sound and he made his first debut in Steve Lawler\’s vivva music label with 4 tracks. In his last appearance in Safari he was assisted by Arnauld le Texiex with ep down is the new up but thanks to his talent this will be produced by safari with a new ep called relative sze of planet, which shows Antonio\’s dark techno\’s side. Besides the production, in 2010 Antonio became dj resident of a new project…One More….Today One More is one of the best underground parties in London, it is a new platform for djs as Troy Pierce, Timo Mass, Steve Lawler and for new talents as Outart, Kiki, Christian Burkhardt and many more….

At OneMore Toni his careful direction of the sound, using his deep understanding of the dancefloor to program the right DJs at the right time. Thanks to this project Antonio is standing outhis real sound and his new musical ideas. His last production was ep evrynight is change in Fumakilla but there will be more

Today Antonio has became a staple of London scene and electronic sound.

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